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Warrior woes...
best friend
fading_stardust wrote in wow_ladies
So, due to the slight difficulty of my raiding group finding reliable tanks, it's starting to look like I'll have to put my priest on the shelf for my warrior. Think is I haven't done any serious tanking with her since Wrath and have just been using quests to get her to where she is now.

So... Questions involve:
What are you using add-on wise? I have Omen, QuickMark and that's about it.
Macros! Are you using any? Can you share? I primarily play with a Naga, so the less I have to go find things on my screen and left-click them, the better.
Anything else you think is applicable.

And is there some bug with hunter pet's atm? Because I am constantly yelling at hunter's about growl and they swear up and down they have it off. I know my threat is not that bad... :/

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