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Warrior woes...
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fading_stardust wrote in wow_ladies
So, due to the slight difficulty of my raiding group finding reliable tanks, it's starting to look like I'll have to put my priest on the shelf for my warrior. Think is I haven't done any serious tanking with her since Wrath and have just been using quests to get her to where she is now.

So... Questions involve:
What are you using add-on wise? I have Omen, QuickMark and that's about it.
Macros! Are you using any? Can you share? I primarily play with a Naga, so the less I have to go find things on my screen and left-click them, the better.
Anything else you think is applicable.

And is there some bug with hunter pet's atm? Because I am constantly yelling at hunter's about growl and they swear up and down they have it off. I know my threat is not that bad... :/

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I noticed when I started tanking again with my warrior that I was having threat problems, but I haven't tanked seriously since BC, so I could be out of practice. AoE threat seems to be lackluster, though, compared to my Paladin and Death Knight tanks. I'm probably doing something wrong.

If you don't have Shockwave, I strongly recommend it as a talent. It's not a huge chunk of threat generation in and of itself, but what it will do is keep things within range of your Revenge, Thunderclap, and when Ultimatum is up, Cleave. Also, you've got tons of mobility as a warrior -- use it. I'm sure it drives the melee DPS nuts when I'm charging and leaping all over the battlefield, but it's better than leaving something to go nom on the healer.

Do you recommend it over Dragon Roar?

Absolutely. Even if it's a cone, the stun lasts notably longer, and it's not a knockback. I've struggled to find a situation where Dragon Roar is preferable to either Bladestorm or Shockwave.

i highly recommend tidyplates threatplates. it makes it easy to see where aggro is going and what you need to taunt back (if anything).

I will second this. It's close to essential for me to know what's going on with threat.

Seconded! I run with threatplates on all my toons, tanking or not. It allows you to set the nameplate of things you don't have threat on very large, and things that are solidly mad at you very small. Which is concidentally useful for dps too. :)

I used to really like tauntmaster, but I'm not sure if that's still being updated- and I did not have as much luck with it on my warrior as I did my paladin. (Different taunts, perhaps?)

Do I need to download BOTH tidyplates and threatplates for it to work?

Yes. Threat Plates is a Tidy Plates theme that focuses on differentiating threat levels/aggro.

If the hunter is using Stampede and they have a tank spec'ed or growl-enabled pet in their stable that ability can pull threat in dungeons, even if it isn't the primary pet they were using.

Yeah, this is a major issue. The solution (which anyone running dungeons or raids should be doing) is the glyph of stampede which mirrors your current pet instead of pulling out your stable. Not as fun as pulling out a bunch of different anmals, but if your current pet has growl off, the stampede animals will too.

I don't see how hunter pets can pull off you without having growl on, simply because my pets can't seem to snag aggro off anyone. I run dailies with hubby's boomkin and if he first gets aggro on something even my MD and pet's intimidation can sometimes not snag it back. It's a bigger issue in large packs, but I dunno, pet aggro seems lacklustre right now.

it's not just you and the hunters pets. I think some don't realize their pets may be using abilities that aren't showing on their pet bar...I think only three show there? I've seen the same thing in instance after instance though.

Also recommending the tidyplates/threatplates addon. I also like Event Horizon for timer bars.

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