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Valor of the Ancients Buff - have I found a bug or a stealth change by Blizzard?
ConcordantNexus Fortune X Mage I Prieste
concordantnexus wrote in wow_ladies
I've been laid back about levelling and grinding, so I only first got the Valor of the Ancients Buff last week.

It survived the Tuesday reset.

My guilides insist that this was supposed to happen - have I found a bug or a stealth (undocumented in the Patch/hotfiex) notes change by Blizzard?

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I saw that on my main but the buff went away as soon as I zoned into an LFR.

I've had it happen before, but it's a bug.

Thank you for sharing

Definitely not supposed to happen. I've had it before and it didn't survive the reset.

It's a known issue. It resets on rezoning, not on first logging in after weekly reset.

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