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I would like a community like this! While my little lowbies are still leveling (my core Guild moved off RP servers, so I'm starting fresh!) I'd love a place to find more RP partners because walk up is so hit or miss....

I'm not as much into the ERP scene, but I would love a community filled with people looking for RP people and/or guilds. I think that's an excellent idea. I used to run an RP guild, but then life became too demanding, and I had to let it go. I would love to find a few good RP guilds now that I will soon be returning to WoW, but sometimes finding them is challenging. I think the RP community needs to stick together as much as possible.

I would love ANY active Wow ppW fan art community!

Oh and hells yeah to an RP community!

I think the RP community needs to stick together as much as possible. has a 'RP finder' forum where you can post that you're looking for RP, but... the results have been a bit hit or miss, and finding good cross-factional stuff is difficult.

I for one would love an AIM/IM RP buddy during the day, as I get slow periods at work and it makes my day -fly- by.

I'd be tentatively interested in a forum for writing sexytimes, but I am extremely picky on smut-writing partners, and would be more interested in seeing it RP styles mesh before attempting co-writing adult scenes.

(I have had one too many RP sessions end because I had a fit of the giggles at the other person's purple prose, or I was so friggin -bored- at their idea of lovemaking that I just couldn't continue)

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I've not done a lot of journal based RP- I am guessing it's similar to Forums?

My tumblr is here if you want to check out my writing style. :)

(no adult work there, because... I've been too shy to post smut for general consumption. *ahem*)

I agree with all of this, especially the being picky about RP partners. It's not something I seek out or am only RPing to do, but I got my start reading/writing fanfic sooo it's not something I'm a stranger to reading/writing... but I need to see writing style, know they are not creepers, etc. lol.

Another voice for the RP comm idea! I'd happily join.

Finding time that meshes up perfectly in game with my existing buddies has been really hard for me lately. I'd love to be able to have a place to find Rp buddies outside of game or cross-faction, cross-server.

Just saying I agree with everyone else, it'd be nice to have a general RP forum and maybe a place in profiles where RPers can indicate whether they are open to ERP or not. It's not something I seek out, but I started reading/writing fanfic nearly a decade ago, and that's a huge component of most fanfic... but I need to see writing style, know someone is not a creeper, etc.

I like but I haven't found time to really poke around - something like that for all RP realms would be cool.

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