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DoT Alert?
Tactical Retreat
papertygers wrote in wow_ladies
Hey all, just a quick UI question. Was wondering if any of you knew of an add-on that would throw up a big warning in the middle of my screen/make a sound when I'm missing one of my DoTs? I'm playing a DK pretty heavily right now, and I get really tunnel-visioned, to the point I don't realize festering strike is no longer extended my diseases, as they have disappeared. So something that would make it more OBVIOUS-DUH that they've fallen off would be great, and if it made a noise, that would be probably even better.

I'd also probably use it for reminding me if my geist wasn't out/was dead.

So something like Cork, but in combat? And that makes noise? And is bigger?

Sort of?


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I'm guessing that you could use PowerAuras / WeakAura to achieve this

This is incredibly easy to do in PowerAuras.

Weakauras... I'm looking at and scratching my head and thinking, 'geez I thought PA's interface was non-userfriendly!'

but I may just be a bit of a luddite resistant to change. >.>

I prefer PowerAuras, but in its re-write for mists, it became a lot more like WeakAuras in its configuration, which was somewhat annoying as I prefered the original UI for PowerAuras.

That said, once I got the hang of it, it wasn't too bad to use.

Is PowerAuras working again? Because I definitely prefer it- I have watched umpteen videos for configuring WeakAuras and I cannot get things to do what I want, whereas PowerAuras took me 5 minutes.

I'll have to check this tonight, methinks. :D

It's definately working, I use it on all of my chars! It is more of a pain to configure though and if you liked the old way, you may be in for a shock. Last I checked, you couldn't import/export auras via strings you share on websites/forums, which is somewhat annoying.

Thinking about it, I've not seen an update for a while so I'm hoping that it hasn't been abandoned. If it has been I'll probably switch to WeakAuras instead.

*mutters about walking both ways in the snow and kids these days* >.>

I didn't manage to get the 5.0 download for the brief time it was up, so I've been using the old version with the 'patch'. It stopped working with 5.1- throwing tons of errors. I'll check WoW Interface when I get home. :)

I recommend Weak Auras. Yes, there is a bit of a learning curve, but it isn't that bad and once you get the hang of it, it is such a customizable mod.

Here is a set of 2 weak auras that I use for dots. All you will need to do, once you have imported them into your weak auras, is edit the name of the weak aura and change the spell to whatever you want it to track.

1. This one is a standard dot timer. It uses the spell icon plus a timer showing how much longer you have on your dot.


2. This one is set up to show up only if your dot is missing from your target.


I use these 2 aura's as pairs. They share the same real estate on my screen. When the dot is active, that one shows. When the dot is missing, the other shows up. You can move either to any location on your screen. You can make then bounce, or flash, add sound, whatever works for you.


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