papertygers (papertygers) wrote in wow_ladies,

DoT Alert?

Hey all, just a quick UI question. Was wondering if any of you knew of an add-on that would throw up a big warning in the middle of my screen/make a sound when I'm missing one of my DoTs? I'm playing a DK pretty heavily right now, and I get really tunnel-visioned, to the point I don't realize festering strike is no longer extended my diseases, as they have disappeared. So something that would make it more OBVIOUS-DUH that they've fallen off would be great, and if it made a noise, that would be probably even better.

I'd also probably use it for reminding me if my geist wasn't out/was dead.

So something like Cork, but in combat? And that makes noise? And is bigger?

Sort of?

Tags: death knight: general
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