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free toon sketches
forceiswithyou wrote in wow_ladies
Hey W_L. Finals week is about to hit here (tidal wave style) and drawing kind of centers me, so I was wondering if anyone would like a (free) sketch of their character?

I'm no great shakes at art, but here's the kind of thing you could expect:



Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

wl7 wlll

Obviously when I say "sketchy" I mean sketchy (with some variation from cutesy to realistic). I'm happy to do pretty much anything, just tell me a bit about your character and give me an image/armory link (it doesn't even have to be WoW tbh, I'll do original characters, whatev). I'm not around too much anymore but I still have a huge soft spot for you guys. <3

Edit: Whoa, lots of requests! Don't feel you have to stop asking, though. Tonight's my last night of zen-style free time, so I'll probably get to a lot/most/all of you.

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