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free toon sketches
forceiswithyou wrote in wow_ladies
Hey W_L. Finals week is about to hit here (tidal wave style) and drawing kind of centers me, so I was wondering if anyone would like a (free) sketch of their character?

I'm no great shakes at art, but here's the kind of thing you could expect:



Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

wl7 wlll

Obviously when I say "sketchy" I mean sketchy (with some variation from cutesy to realistic). I'm happy to do pretty much anything, just tell me a bit about your character and give me an image/armory link (it doesn't even have to be WoW tbh, I'll do original characters, whatev). I'm not around too much anymore but I still have a huge soft spot for you guys. <3

Edit: Whoa, lots of requests! Don't feel you have to stop asking, though. Tonight's my last night of zen-style free time, so I'll probably get to a lot/most/all of you.

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I don't feel like I deserve a lovely sketch because I don't play often enough and I'm a terrible alt-whore. STILL, I wanted to say that I really like your style. I love the look of a sketch. I think these are really beautiful. :)

Thanks! That is so sweet of you. I'm glad you enjoy them. :)

I would love love love love a sketch of my mage!! I can't link the armory right now (work blocks all of Blizzard's websites) but you can find her by searching for Selliie on Bleeding Hollow.

Also, if you have the time and interest, I would love to have one done for my partner of her mage. Same realm (Bleeding Hollow), lovely Undead lady mage by the name of Ereshkigall.

I'll give proper armory links when I get home!

How do you feel about worgen? My char Malchior could use some love. He's a middle aged guy who can be a bit of a grump but overall he's a laid back. He can be slightly eccentric with his love of weird pets/creatures.

I've never tried my hand at Worgen, but I gave it a shot:


I love this, especially his grumpy snout!

Would totally love a sketch of my pally Magellanic .. here's her armoury link

I'd love a sketch of my rogue main! The armory's over here: but I haven't fixed up my transmog yet. She's normally in Tier 4: with the Cata engineering goggles:

Here you go! Hope the outfit's right.


And an extra, because cute goggles:


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Ah! You are the best! I love them both ♥ Thank you so much! :D

Your art is lovely! I know what you mean about needing to get centered before finals. It's such a stressful time! I hope you do great on your exams. :]

If you're still doing sketches, maybe take a peek at my sister's nelf DK, Kynlian? He's mostly a grouchy old man, and his hair is normally white (I begged her to let me take him to the barber and his armory shows how he turned out). Gear isn't very important for just a quick sketch or bust set-up, but my sister is fond of the jagged, spiky, frosty looking Wrath stuff.

Here he is! Thanks in advance if you decide to sketch him. :]

Very cool!:)

Would be awesome! I know you have a ton of other requests though, so it's not a big deal.:D

Painting is too good-looking!!!

I logged out in Ret, but she's usually Holy (now with a pretty mace and an OH that is a glowing lantern!) I've been collecting tier 8 but have yet to get my plate skirt/matching gloves/boots, but here's the whole set if you're curious:

And you can't really tell, but her hair is just in a standard ponytail.

I don't really RP Ban but if I did I'd imagine she'd be all about JUSTICE. i imagine her having the personality of Javert from les miserables,



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Ohhhh. That is gorgeous!!! Oh hi Ban!! Mazzlu here!!

HI! Look at my pretty armor :D :D :D


yay, thank you so much. its so pretty. ♥

(Deleted comment)

How about a goblin? :D her head piece is actually a halo of flame. Not sure why it doesn't show up in the armory. As you can see Halloween colors are the theme. Her PVP set is orange and purple. She's also my main pet trainer. I think a sinister squashling would go well with her outfit :)

After seeing your rendition of storm_child's Malchior I'm a bit sad I don't have a worgen to throw your way, but here is Nyxrinne, my undead monk. She's trying to learn serenity and generally finding she is naturally too thinky to manage it, and I imagine her as wearing leather from foot to throat with the usual apothecary robes over that, cut off at shoulder and mid-thigh. Because odd details might amuse? x)

I hope your finals go well, anyway! I know what you mean about needing to centre yourself: my degree was all coursework based, and I found it pretty helpful to sketch and write whenever the pressure started to impact my work.

I don't actually know anything about the monk class so I just... put her in a shaolin-ish pose lol. Hope that's fine! And thanks for your finals well wishes! :)


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She looks fantastic! I especially like her left hand - and the pose is very fitting, so that was a good guess on your part. :P

Thanks so much. :D

oh, oh, I would love a sketch of my panda ♥

I can't log in to take off the stupid tabard, cause, maintenance :( but your stuff is cute and I think the style would suit her, if you feel like doing one for me :D

I know I am super late to the game, but I'm going to ask anyways, because this style is just perfect. So I'm asking for a sketchy drawring of my mage, Cenedess. Dess is an older Sin'Dorei lady. She has laugh lines and crow's feet, but usually looks pretty danged stern, and her hair is usually braided back or twisted up in a bun. Very curly, but not often loose. These days, she doesn't wear robes all that much - pants and a vest (Starfire, or Black Mageweave, usually, with coordinating bracers) . One of my friends apparently pictures her as a dominatrix, if that helps, or Whitemane without the Chapeau.

But, yeah. Aware I'm late for the game, so don't strain yourself.


Hope that's fine!

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Your art is amazing! I guess I'll put in a request (I'm trying to amass some fanart as a holiday gift for my partner), but if you don't get this far, I completely understand!

Yenena is a kind shaman with a short fiery temper. But these days, her temper is slightly cooled because of the balancing nature of her partner, my druid.

I hope that helps, and if you get this far, I thank you so hard in advance for your zen sketch! :D

Ooh, Alt Factory! I had a toon in that guild about 344 years ago -- very nice people. :) Let me know if this is okay!


That is awesome! Thanks! :D

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