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enveri wrote in wow_ladies
I have a quick RAF question- I peeked through the tags and didn't see a definitive answer.

The veteran account has two accounts under the same account.  Can the veteran person play characters on EITHER of those two accounts with the new RAF'd account and get the exp bonuses?  Or must it be the referring account?

(The last time I did RAF was before account-wide bonuses, so I'm not sure if the exp bonus is account or specific to the referring account.)

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I'm pretty sure it's just the referring account but please oh please let me be wrong.

*habitual RAFer and completely full on all home servers on the main account* :(

The text says 'Characters on the account', so we're not sure.

We shall test tonight (this will be my third account, I just REALLY do not want to level another toon without massive bonuses) and report back!

I think it has to be under the referring account.

That would make me grumbly, as my referrer's account is full and therefore cannot roll new characters to provide me with tasty tasty exp bonuses, but c'est la vie. :)

Well, is it that the account itself is totally full with 50 toons or just the server you want to play on? Cuz CRZ means you can play with your friend regardless of the server, and I don't *think* that you won't get the XP bonuses if you're on different servers, although I could be mistaken.

I... had not considered this! I will discuss with her. Maybe we'll roll on Moonguard. :D

You can be on different servers. I've done it.

You have to play on the account that actually refered the new account to get the benefits. It goes by the actual account and not the bnet account. Would have been nice if it was by bnet as I could have spread my chars out between my two account with it instead of just the one.

Edited at 2012-12-10 07:05 pm (UTC)

I was going to ask you when I logged in tonight. Ah well!

full on all home servers on the main account* :(

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