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Blizzard is aware of the scary message that its Mobile App tells you
ConcordantNexus Fortune X Mage I Prieste
concordantnexus wrote in wow_ladies
Had quite the scare when (while bored waiting in line to pay for my weekly groceries) I checked my mobile app.

Turns out that it was a bug that occurs when your subscription payment is pending!

WoW Remote Says My Account Is Locked, Banned, Suspended, or Under Review

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We are aware of an issue that is causing the WoW Remote app to display an incorrect error message to players whose account subscription status is Pending. If you receive an error message that states “This World of Warcraft account is locked, banned, suspended, or under review” when you log into the WoW Remote app, please wait until the pending transaction completes and retry the app.

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Thank you... I was wondering why I got that the other day

I got that too, when I was laying in bed browsing my iPhone late at night. I leaped out of my bed to check online!

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