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[H][Moon Guard] -Elegance- looking for raiders for second raiding team.
holy, holypriest
fading_stardust wrote in wow_ladies
Hey there, ladies (& lurking gentlemen). It's been a while since I posted. I recently just acquired leadership of my guild's second raiding team as our previous raid leader is burnt out and the guild hasn't been exactly active recruiting.

I've never been a raid leader before (apart from Old World runs), but am a seasoned raider and am really just looking to put together an easy-going group of raiders. With only occasional threats of me pulling this car over if you get too rowdy.

I'm currently in need of 2 tanks, a healer that would be willing to go dps on 2-heal fights and 1 reliable dps.
We raid Sunday & Monday 8pm server.

Feel free to contact me here or msg Eodri in game if you have any questions. <3

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i'd love to volunteer my services, if my raid group continues to fail at getting stone guard down on fri and sat. If you ever need a healer and I'm on I'll gladly help out. Just add me (Ginnessa or tag: Ginny1845) :3

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Thanks so much! I've added you. :3

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