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Reopening my queue for the season
giavania wrote in wow_ladies
This has had such a great response in the past, so I thought I'd post a quick note to see if anyone would be interested in a signature or cellphone wallpaper. I generally do this about once or twice a year, and it's kind of become a tradition.

This year, I'm just offereing signatures for your guild forums or cellphone backgrounds. Sorry, no iPad backgrounds, guild banners or logos, or full desktop wallpapers this time!

Guild forum signatures are 400x125px unless you tell me otherwise.


(click for full size)

Cellphone wallpapers are phone specific, so I'll need to know what model your phone is to get the resolution.


(click for full size)

The info I need from you is:

Signature or Phone Wallpaper:
Visible Text:
Armory Link:
Preferred Gear Set (I'll only do transmogs if you're wearing them already in your armory. Please pick a tier set if you're not):
Helm Showing?:
Weapon Showing? (Phone wallpaper only):
Vertical or Horizontal? (Phone wallpaper only)
Name on example you'd like yours based on (Put N/A if you want me to choose what would look best with your character):
Phone and Model:

No multiple character requests, please! Only one per person until I get through the queue. I'm not going to be able to go back and make changes, so please make sure the hairdo you logged out with is the one you want.

Just copy and paste that form and complete it in the comments, and I'll get started. Depending on your place in line, it can take a couple of hours to a few days to complete your request. Let me know if it's a gift, and I'll mark the completed request as friends only.

As always, donations to my bandwidth fund are appreciated, but not necessary. My tip jar can be found at the top of my journal here. Anyone who tips will move to the front of the queue as a thank you. . If you send a tip, please put the name of the character and realm you're requesting for in the comment, so I can make sure I can find your request!

I make no guarantees I'll be able to complete the entire queue, as the last couple of times I had over 100 requests, but I'll do my best!

Thanks for taking the time to check this out, and happy holidays ladies!

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