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Holy Vs. Disc
belf priest
maijay wrote in wow_ladies
I know this has been asked before, but my raid team went into MSV10M Reg for the first time last night, and well, it wasn't pretty.

I really love disc. Everything about it. The bubbles, the shields, atonement healing, etc. But my raid-leader has asked me to consider going holy for raids.

I'm usually number one on the charts (because I'm the tank healer) and usually I can keep the people I'm healing up (I'm also the last to die in most circumstances). I throw in aoe heals when we start to take massive damage, and when the guardians pulse, but we're still falling pretty fast. There are several times where I think "God, I wish I could FILL those health bars". So, I'm not opposed to going holy for raids, but:

Will my gear become obsolete? I just got my gear all figured out and I'm pretty pleased with myself. Would I need to overhaul stuff if I switched to holy? (my armory is here.)

Are there any tips or tricks you ladies (or men) have for healing Stone Guard?

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