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Guild pets and mounts
furrygreen wrote in wow_ladies
Are we unable to use them if you leave the guild that you buy them in? I mean, I know the guild heralds can't be summoned on a different character. Is that true for the rest? I've only bought that first herald so I don't know.

I got one of my toons in a guild that has the mini-dragon pet but 1500g is a lot to lose if I take a sabbatical and get kicked out of a guild. XD Same with the other pets and mounts. That mini-Tir is so kewt though. My pet collecting toons wants one.

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I have moved several of my toons out of a former 25 level guild and into a small, just barely 20 now guild, and can still use the level 25 guild mount, the dark phoenix and the armadillo pet that I obtained while in that former guild.

My alts can mount up on the Guild lion... I think even an unguilded one can mount it, actually!

Guild mount definitely works in lower level guilds, since my level 1 bank guild characters can use it now.... (the guild is level 1 not the characters! :P)

As long as you've learned the mount or pet you should be able to use them even if you're not in a guild :)

I have unguilded Alliance alts on different realms (I'm all Horde on my primary realm) who have full access to all my guild-reward mounts and pets. (Including the guild ground mount -- the Alliance lion/Horde scorpid -- as of the most recent patch).

I switched guilds to one that didn't have the mount or pet at the time. I could still use both. The heralds I has to wait until I had high enough rep to use again.

Just chiming in, even my unguilded newb alts can summon my Lil'Tyracgosa and ride the Lion mount once they hit 20, so I imagine it's fine too :-)

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