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Just an update
masquedwriter wrote in wow_ladies
Hi everyone,

Okay, first of all an update. I made a decision with regards to my guild and my raiding group. I finally decided that I care enough about my guild and the people there that I'm going to stick it out and do whatever I can to help the raid group keep going. I've decided even if I have to sacrifice the speed of progression, at least I know I'm sticking by the people I've played with over a year. I mean . . . we have enough great people in our group that I think that if we all stay dedicated we can get the problems ironed out and eventually round out a full group of equally dedicated people.

Basically, trying to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

Also, on a more cheerful note, after all of the help you ladies provided regarding Gara'jal, we downed him last Saturday. In fact, we missed Friday due to not having enough people but then downed all three bosses in two hours, one shotting stone guard and taking only a couple of tries at Feng (mostly due to some unavoidable mishaps, tank DC'd and etc.) I want to thank everyone who posted great advice about that fight for us! I'm looking forward to seeing spirit kings this week!

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