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The Cinder Kitten is here!
WoW Girls
writermerrin wrote in wow_ladies
If you haven't seen this little cutie yet, you absolutely have to. I was expecting it as part of 5.1, but it actually joined the game yesterday. Click to see the kitteh!

I have to wait until Friday to get mine, but I have sat and watched it play from the Pet Journal. My friend has gotten his to level 15 so far and says it's a great part of his pet battle team.

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One thing on this pet that might ake you not want to battle em. She sounds so pathetic when she gets hurt. like kicked puppies level of sadness here.

I'll be sure to play with the sounds down then...

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How long does it take to get a pet to 25, on average? I've barely touched the pet battle system, but I keep putting it off because of the amount of time it seems like I'd need to put into it.

If you go through the quest line it goes pretty fast. Only tip I'd give is when you get to Outlands for the last few trainers go to Northrend to level you pets up. I tend to fight pets that are a couple levels ahead of mine.

Awesome. My friend got his to 25 today and got that tamer title in the process.

I'm still waiting for my Alemental. My dwarf shaman needs it.

Yes, that would be awesome.

They also have one of the most adorable idles out there; doing somersaults and twirls trying to chase their tail. That's pretty much my experience with little (and sometimes big) cats going "MOM, MOM, THERE'S SOMETHING ATTACHED TO MY BUTT AND I'MMA GOING TO CATCH IT!"

Bought one for me and one for a guildie as soon as I got home. They are so cute!

A good friend heard I was having a poo of a day and sent me one... I have since fallen head over heels for the bugger, who I've renamed Matchstick and shown off to anyone who walks NEAR my computer. LOL

I love the cinder kitten! I haven't started leveling it yet, but I hope to start sometime this weekend. It was pretty awesome having a bunch of fire kittens (and Druids with the Firelands staff) in raid this week.

I bought her last night she's simply adorable - but I've only gotten her to level 3. As with any store-bought pet shes blue quality and thus very much worth leveling to 25

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