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Free comissions!
gleolite wrote in wow_ladies
Hello wow_ladies!
I'm aiming to force myself to draw better so I decided to offer you free art :)
I would do anything you want, just provide me some information, screenshots, amory links etc.

Examples of what I can do are under the cut.

I'm opening up three spots to start with :)
1. nokomis2877
2. motherofbeef
3. roguebait

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Very cute style! I like it lots, but I would rather let other folks have free art, especially with it being close to Christmas-I just wanted to let you know your stuff is awesome!

Ohh. I can has arts?? I can't link from the armory (iPhone at work) but the toon I want done is Deleroth on Khadgar. Thank you!! You can go cartoonish on him. He's my little flamer lol

He looks cool! :)
I'll get working on him!

sorry it took me a bit longer:)

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This isn't even mine but there are not enough awwws and squeeees in the world to deacribe how adorable this is.
nokomis2877, can I hug him and squeeze him forever and ever?

Thank you!! ^^
I've already made some sketches of your character too but I have issues with my tablet now :(

Yes, you can....he might not be happy about it (you are a girl and he thinks they are ewwie) but yeah, go nuts :D

It's okay, I've got a li'l flamer of my own. We won't traumatise him too much.

OMG!!!!! I just saw this! He is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

I recently switched my main, would you be up for a chibi like the last one of a draenei hunter with the new tier hat?

I forgot to say, she is a female draenei. :)
and YAY thanks!, i never get in time for these lists. so happy!

I'm sorry for taking so long to draw

oh i had forgotten, what a wonderful surprise. she is beautiful! thank you!

I would love, LOVE to have some of your drawrings, cause they're amazing.

Can you put my name into the hat while I decide which of my 80 million toons is worthy of one, pretty pretty please?

Okay so I figured it out, if I'm still on the list. It took me a while to decide, and then there was bacon to be had, and then I had to put together a ref shot for you 'cause I'm obsessive like thaaaaaaat.

This is Arist (in case you didn't catch that from the names splattered all over the ref shot! [I just noticed these, and I am obsessive enough to want to remove them. But no.]). The reason I sent you some shots with his hair hiding his face is because that's how he often is. He took a dragonkin's flame breath to his face and the right side is scarred to hell and back again, and he wears an eye patch. He doesn't have a right eyebrow.

He's kinda skinny and muscular, and this is pretty much all he wears, ever. Goatee is... usually not nearly so tidy, but that's game avatars. No scruff allowed. It doesn't grow through the scar tissue on his right cheek. ummmm...cloak is supposed to be the same black as his mog, not that kinda purple-y black. He's usually smiling. Lopsidedly. Sorta like that but with less smarm and more aw, shucks, good-boy charm. Like if Matt Smith's and David Tennant's smiles had a love baby.

Now, I would love, love, LOVExinfinity one of the more detailed arts (like the first sample) of him if you're willing, but if you'd rather not go that route, either of the bottom two is perfectly fine.

Poor boy just needs some graphic design love in some form.

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Yes,you are on the list :)
Thank you for information and references! I can‘t wait to get working on him!

I should add, maybe, that he's not a very rogue-y rogue. Not very "one with the shadows" if you will. He's more like a dex-based fighter from 3.5 ed. DND. That's why he's got the sword and kris

I've finally got a new pen for my tablet and this is the first picture I've painted with it. :)

omigosh omigosh omigosh this is freaking amazing. The hair, the smile, the background, the design on the kris! gaaah! /flail

If I link to it in my roleplay description, how would you like me to credit you? Is there a DA I can link to, or..?

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yay! I'm sooo glad you like it! :) I really want to work more on this picture)
you can link to my tumblr or my DA ^^

Is there still a spot for free arts? Your stuff is so, so cute!!

Thank you!
I'll put you first on the list as soon as I'm done with the first three if that's alright with you. :)

That sounds great, thank you so much :D

Awww cant believe I missed this! Would love to do something like this as a present for my boyfriend who has been at it since the beginning and made me a wow convert and has helped me so far....itd be so cool if we could have some part of our toons pictured together...we've only been together a year and things have been rough (not our fault) and when things get rough as crazy as it sounds we turn to wow together....i love him

Edited at 2012-12-05 06:13 pm (UTC)

well I'll do a waiting list and put you on it, if that's ok

OOooooo -- if you ever open again, I'd love a wee chibi or one of my hunter's pets in that amazing linework... your work is lovely!!

Thank you for sharing

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