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Transmogrification Tuesday!
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netzgeek wrote in wow_ladies
It's Transmogrification Tuesday here at wow_ladies and I'd like to see what outfits everyone has been putting together!

Post pictures/links of your outfits below. Please list the names of the items used and where they were procured to aid the other wow_ladies' members on their own searches!

This is basically the Conqueror's set with Swiftsteel Shoulders and the Glorious Breastplate. I used the Cloak of Healing Rays for the back.

Transmog Posting HTML:

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As I am posting on my phone, I have no links for anything available... BUT I just 'finished' some new transmog on my shaman, Nhye over on Stormscale us. Only spent about 1300g on it and I'm OK with that.

Also my monk, Ophiris (who is getting a name change as soon as I decide between Eloise, Alijah and Iraia) also on Stormscale us, is rocking some awesome transmog imo. Downside is for the last 3-4 weeks Shaffar has decided to be a terrible person and not drop the matching shoulders. -_-

This is based on this outfit on though I took quite a few liberties with their suggested ensemble, mostly because I haven't been able to find a couple of the items. I like that it's a bit cobbled-together looking, which befits my enginnering hunter just fine. It looks great with my motorcycle and roflcopter mounts, which was a must for me. The browns and blacks also harmonize with my lovely tiger. :)

Head: Mechanized Snow Goggles -- Crafted/Engineering
Shoulders: Krom'gar Champion's Chain Pauldrons -- Purchased/Krom'gar Quartermaster
Back: Wikket Cape -- Quest Reward
Chest: Pillager's Chestguard -- World Drop/Auction House
Shirt: Antiseptic-Soaked Dressing -- Purchased/First Aid Supplies Vendor
Hands: Pillager's Gloves -- World Drop/Auction House
Waist: Champion's Girdle -- World Drop/Auction House
Legs: Bloodmail Legguards -- Formerly dropped from bosses in Scholomance
Feet: Blackforge Greaves -- World Drop/Auction House
Ranged: Recoilless Rocket Ripper X-54 -- Drop from Mekgineer Steamrigger in Steamvault

I don't spend a lot of time on that website, and yet somehow I put together a nearly identical mog (below) to the one somebody built in the comments of the set you interpreted. I don't know whether to feel pleased with myself, or look for a new mog. x.x

Call it parallel evolution? I think yours is distinct actually, the shoulders really make it stand out.

I passed those shoulders up again and again in mog-it trying to build the set. It wasn't until I was doing Kara for t4 and they dropped that I realised just how awesomely they match the chest.

I'm posting my shaman's two most recent transmog sets, since I just changed it two days ago and I love them both equally.

First I was using a modified set of Hunter T6 using off-set pieces from Black Temple and parts of the Felstalker Armor set. The weapon came from heroic Ramps, and the shield from heroic Mana Tombs. This set was a lot of fun to put together and not something I see a lot of shaman using. I guess loot drop RNG plays a big part in making this set work.

Now I'm using Shaman T6 since I happened to get some lovely items off Malygos 10m over the weekend that worked well with it:

These are both awesome. <3

Shoulders: Backbreaker Spaulders from Dragon Soul
Hands: Jasperlode Gauntlets from random Cata drop
Chest: Alabaster Breastplate from random drop
Waist: Hardened Obsidium Belt from Blacksmithing
Legs: Fargodeep Legplates from random Cata drop
Feet: Overlord's Greaves from random drop

It's pretty much a combination of Overlord's and Gateshattering sets, with the shoulders to bring the two together. I've been using it since before Pandaria and transmogged back to it until I can put something new together, I like the simplicity.

For a weapon, I'm only using this Klaxxi sword un-transmogged because I like it, but I don't think it really matches... Also, I've matched the outfit with the pet Grinder, a drop from a rare in Dread Wastes, although I've recently switched that for the adorable Cinder Kitten.

I like this. The boots are especially eye-catching.

My hunter's newest set. I think it kinda looks like a uniform...

Shoulders: Dragon-Quake Shoulderguards from KZ/The Curator
Hands: Talongdeep Gauntlets or their lookalikes, from AH
Chest: Ghostworld Chestguard from Valor Points
Waist: Warstrike Belt from the AH
Legs: Bloodmail Legguards from Old Shcolomance - no longer available
Feet: Ebonhold Boots from the AH.
Back: Cloak of the Black Void from Tailoring
Ranged: Dark Iron Gun from LSearing Gorge Quests. You must do pretty much all the quests in SG to unlock the quest that sends you to this questgiver.

I wear a white swashbuckler's shirt under it; the chest is just the vest area with the robe sorta bindings on the arms

I like the cloak. Nice looking transmog. This post makes me want to work on mine.

I am trying to find an outfit that looks like the Let's Party buff from Blingtron. So far, I've only been able to come up with the pants .... tuxedo pants from tailoring. The shoes will be easy enough, any black ones should do. The chest and hat are what's stumping me. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Too lazy to list everything but her name is Tarabull and she's on the realm Lothar. :) My favorite transmog atm.

The two I'm proudest of at the moment are my pally and my rogue. The pally doesn't look even remotely paladinesque, but I just loved the red and the pretty designs.

Shoulders: Conqueror's Epaulets, random drop
Hands: Darkcrest Gauntlets, random drop
Chest: Thorium Armor, crafted
Waist: Thorium Belt, crafted
Legs: Commander's Leggings, random drop
Feet: Darkcrest Sabatons, random drop
Main Hand: Warmonger, random drop

All of it was snagged off the AH piece by piece until I realized I had a whole red-themed set that looked good together. None of it was that expensive, either!

Head: Emerald Beholder Eye from Collidus the Warp-Watcher
Shoulders: After Hours Pauldrons from That Little Extra Kick in Netherstorm
Hands: Dire Wolf Handler Gloves from Protecting Our Own in Blade's Edge Mountains
Chest: Fumblub's Seat Cushion from Fumblub Gearwind
Waist: Dark Leather Belt, crafted
Legs: Syreian's Leggings from Syreian the Bonecarver
Feet: Black Chitinguard Boots, crafted
Main Hand: Pilfered Ethereal Blade from Declawing Doomclaw in Netherstorm
Off-hand: Blade of Unquenched Thirst, random drop

I was going for more of a high-tech assassin thing, though she's combat and not assassination. I just liked the aesthetic. I'd been saving that green monocle thing forever, since before transmog was even a thing, because I couldn't decide who I wanted to give it to once it did get implemented, but I finally worked it into Gia's outfit once I decided I wanted to level her to 90.

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