Punk Rock LisA (deegenerate) wrote in wow_ladies,

Coming back to WoW...WA or Proudmoore

I quite my old band so a huge chunk of free time has opened up which means I can play WoW again. Completely starting from scratch. I just rolled a panda priest on WA. My question is Horde or Allie? I'm not into rp, but I like the flavor it adds to the world when I see it around. Horde seems to have more events on WA from what I see here. Is that correct? Any guild recommendations? I like taking leveling slow, achievements, and just playing for fun. Eventual raiding, but not in a stressful way.

My other server choice was Proudmoore. I like the open community there, but it is a much faster paced environment.

How are the Alliance/ Horde story lines these days? Is one storyline going in a more interesting direction?
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