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Awesome! Lootcounter died in the Mists and I miss it so badly! This does exactly what I need <3 and cookies!

Hmm, I must be missing something obvious, but I cannot get it to show in the chat window :( Right boxes are ticked but no bananas. Any suggestions on what I've missed / done wrong? If nothing, I'm guessing it's not playing with another mod which will be REALLY annoying :)

I snagged this and will recommend it to my bf too! :)

I'm going to grab this when I get home tonight. Right now it pops up in the middle of my screen, but having it in the chat log would be super helpful for those monotonous "I'm not paying attention" herbing/oreing" runs I seem to go on.

Gonna grab this. It'll be great for me for herbing alone.

Neat! One of the main reasons I use Mike's Scrolling Battle Text is for a similar message it gives while collecting herbs/ore/skins. It's just such a handy feature. I might pick this up as it seems a bit more reliable than MSBT for this sort of thing.

I downloaded it this evening. Thanks for the rec!

I'll give this a try. Mik's is nice, but a record that stays more than a few seconds sounds handy.

This addon sounds awesome!! I'm gonna snag it tonight!

My only complaint is that it doesn't track the grisly trophies for Darkmoon Faire - but they are conjured items, which it is clear that it won't work for. And that's a very, very tiny complaint. Otherwise, it works beautifully. Thank you for sharing!

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