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UI Mod Monday!
frieliegh wrote in wow_ladies
Morning ladies!

MGM "lion"

And just like that, it's Monday AND December!

Everyone adjusting to patch 5.1 okay? All your mods updating promptly, or you find some that need replacing?

Screen shots? Wish lists? What's up in the world of UIs, mods, and addons today?

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Sorry in advance for non-existant formatting, I'm posting from a phone(and it's one of the old dumb ones too).

I'm wondering if anyone have seen any updates on LUI... I feel cramped without it and elvUI doesn't fit my screen resolution, not to mention I am one of those people who walk on and on in old tracks.

Also, same question for Omen threat meter. I have recount but I can't track both threat and DPS on the same time... I think.


What about Omen? It's updated and working fine, it's always played well with Recount. Recount doesn't have a threat meter, I think Skada is the one that does threat and DPS in the same addon.

Yup, Skada does both threat and dps at the same time. I have mine set to show threat in combat and dps out of combat. You can also create multiple windows if you want to see both at the same time or even a specific thing (like just damage on Garalon's legs or something).

Oh? When I checked this morning Omen said patch 5.0.5 ...

And ah, I never used Skada, despite the fact that it's from my own homeland xD

Just because something says an older patch, doesn't mean it doesn't work. I've got a couple addons that haven't been updated since Wrath that work great still.

Ah. Well point being I want the updated stuff because I want to be 100 percent that it's not my fault if it doesn't behave and because I've had issues with small insignificant and still working addons crash the whole game or otherwise destroying it.

I've had zero problems with LUI since the patch.

Everything else... is a different story.

Oh? Well yeah perhaps. I never try running with Outdated addons... Maybe I should try.

This is the list of my current addons:

For the life of me, I can't figure out which one of those addons is making it so that I can't talk in /instance chat. I can see the new /instance channel, but I can't type to it at all. It's frustrating. I'm thinking maybe Tongues? I have it set to filter language to orcish in some channels, and maybe it's not posting to instance at all, but with the LFG queue for dps so long and the gogogogo attitude, it's really hard to test the theory and actually get it working. Especially when I can't tell the party to slow down for me to fix it >_

I checked the Curse page for Tongues and it looks like there's other people having the same issue as you, not being able to type in the Instance channel. One of the comments even links to EU/US forum posts about the issue as well. That probably doesn't help your immediate problem, but hopefully this means the author will come up with a fix soon!

At least I know it is Tongues. I can turn Tongues off. Wish I knew where in my UI settings TRP2 screwed up so I can't switch between Thalassian and Orcish, because that's the only reason I have Tongues. Manually switching doesn't work for me and I KNOW it's a setting somewhere that's screwed up.

Edit: Going through and deleting every setting but my non-Tongues addon settings seems to have worked. I still have my addon settings that I use, but everything else was refreshed. Still have no clue what TRP2 did to my UI, but I am so not downloading that again.

Edited at 2012-12-03 06:25 pm (UTC)

I thought TRP2 was no longer being supported? (Or are you still using it in spite of that?)

But yes, it's Tongues. :(

I quit using it a long while ago because it was too huge and I didn't like it. Then I found out the language switching feature in it did something to my addon settings that made it impossible to switch languages manually from the default UI. I had to install Tongues just so I could switch between Thalassian and Orcish, and I hate Tongues because I always end up randomly with languages like Orca to switch through when I'm on a character I don't RP with much.

However, deleting everything but my currently installed addons' settings seems to have fixed the issue. Probably, it was something in one of those files WoW creates automatically in each individual character's WTF folder.

I'm really missing my Postal addon. I hope they'll update it soon. ;_;

wait - what's wrong with Postal? I've got the 5.0.4 one that was released in August, and I haven't had any problem with it. ???

Well, I just didn't have my out of date addons on (I always forget to hit that, tbh) so I was just waiting for it to be updated for the patch...Derp

I've been using it since the patch also, it's been runing fine, I wouldn't think you'll have any issues if you turn it back on.

Yeah I just turned it back on and it's fine. :3

I'm getting back into WoW. Unfortunately, when I cancelled my account, I uninstalled the game...including my addons folder. I guess I figured I wouldn't be getting back into the game so soon. :P

So now I have to rebuild my UI. I'd rather a package UI, one that is pretty and easy to customize/change (meaning, I don't want to have to go into .lua files outside of the game to change things around). I also would love recommendations for handy dandy standalone addons that people are finding useful lately. Is MRP still a good RP addon?

I feel brand new to the game all over again. (Which is great, renewing the interest, but wahhhh I want my knowledge back!)

TukUI and LUI are both minimalist packages I've used and liked a great deal. Both are pretty steadily maintained and quick to update and contain everything you 'need' to play effectively.

MRP is, as far as I know, the only RP addon currently being maintained, as the author of TRP2 said they were giving up on it. (Someone can correct me if I'm wrong)

Postal is nice for mail management. Tongues, obviously is good for languages.

I really like Ovale for training wheels on my dps rotation.

Everything else I use are little quality of life things.

Anyone using RSA or similar, there's a quick fix here:

Basically C&P "RSA_Print_Smart_RaidParty" and ctrl+F to find the phrase. Replace the section with the bit below. Should work to let you report to /i not /p :)

Lockslap 1 day, 12 hours ago - 0 likes

I wrote a quick fix for this issue to restore functionality in LFR/LFD until the author can make the necessary changes. Open Interface\Addons\RSA\Core.lua and go to line 3934. Replace the RSA_Print_Smart_RaidParty function with the one below.

function RSA_Print_Smart_RaidParty(message) -- Send a message to battleground, raid, party, or nothing, depending on group size or location.
	local InInstance, InstanceType = IsInInstance()
	local Announced = false
	if RSA_AnnouncementCheck() == true then
		-- pvp/arena
		if InstanceType == "pvp" or InstanceType == "arena" then
			SendChatMessage(format(message), "INSTANCE_CHAT", nil)
			Announced = true
		-- raid/party
		if IsInRaid() == true and GetNumGroupMembers() > 0 then
			SendChatMessage(format(message), IsPartyLFG()  and "INSTANCE_CHAT" or "RAID", nil)
			Announced = true
		elseif not IsInRaid() and GetNumSubgroupMembers() > 0 then
			SendChatMessage(format(message), IsPartyLFG()  and "INSTANCE_CHAT" or "PARTY", nil)
			Announced = true
		-- smart say
		if RSA.db.profile.General.GlobalAnnouncements.SmartSay == true and Announced == false then
			if GetNumGroupMembers() > 0 or GetNumSubgroupMembers() > 0 then
				SendChatMessage(format(message), "SAY", nil)
		elseif RSA.db.profile.General.GlobalAnnouncements.SmartSay == false then
			SendChatMessage(format(message), "SAY", nil)
function RSA_Print_Raid(message) -- Send a message to raid or nothing. Additionally, will not try to send a message if in a Battleground or Arena.
	local InInstance, InstanceType = IsInInstance()
	if RSA_AnnouncementCheck() == true then
		if IsInRaid() == true and GetNumGroupMembers() > 0 and InstanceType ~= "pvp" and InstanceType ~= "arena" then
			SendChatMessage(format(message), IsPartyLFG() and "INSTANCE_CHAT" or "RAID", nil)
function RSA_Print_Party(message) -- Send a message to party or nothing. Additionally, will not try to send a message if in a Battleground.
	local InInstance, InstanceType = IsInInstance()
	if RSA_AnnouncementCheck() == true then
		if IsInRaid() == false and GetNumSubgroupMembers() > 0 and InstanceType ~= "pvp" then
			SendChatMessage(format(message), IsPartyLFG() and "INSTANCE_CHAT" or "PARTY", nil)

I have a question about Raven:

For some reason it won't show which stance my Monk is in under "Buffs". It shows my Warrior's stance, my paladin's seal, etc but it doesn't show my monk's stance. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


i still keep updating totemtimers for some stupid reason. my sad shaman is waiting for her totems to come back some day.

healbot's installation continues to fail for me. :/

Updating my ui mods was a lot easier and faster than downloading them the first time; I am thankful. Hopefully, when I have to do it tomorrow afternoon, it will go even more smoothly!

I was bummed to find that the errors regarding the compact raid frame are still there.

I wish I knew enough about LUA programming to really get in there and rummage around, because it seems to be triggered by several addons that should have nothing to do with the compact raid frame at all.

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