roguebait (roguebait) wrote in wow_ladies,

FPS/Crashing Issues

pretty much every since Mists dropped I've been having these huge FPS issues that sometimes result in crashes.

It happens, invariably, when I hearth into Shrine of Two Moons and most of the time when use the translocation orb between Undercity and Silvermoon, though with the latter it miraculously resolved by the time I hit the center of the fountain in Court of the Sun. Walking or flying into those locations from the surrounding areas is fine, usually.

And I'm talking huge problems - it drops from 50 down .8 or so FPS while I try to move/change my camera angle. (I wish I was exaggerating.) I do not have this problem anywhere else, at all, ever.

My guildie told me to turn down SSAO, which I did - hell, I've even set my entire settings to low when I can play on ultra everywhere else, and it's still giving me fits and crashing.

My google-fu isn't solving anything, and I know of at least two friends who have the same issues.

Do you ladies know of a solution?
Tags: technical: bugs
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