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Gaming mice advice
storm_child wrote in wow_ladies
I'm going back and forth between Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse and Razer Naga Special Edition - Molten. Does anyone have experience with these? Are they comfortable? Do they work well with WoW? Or does anyone have any other recommendations as far as gaming mice? I've never used one before, and fiance may be getting me on for Christmas, I just need to decide which one I want.

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I'm not really a fan of the Naga. The left click button seems to be cheaply made and I've heard I'm not the only one who wore that button out pretty quick. The thumb buttons are a pain to get used to. The way they're curved, it's easy to misclick. I've had a lot more luck with Logitech, and if you like the thumb buttons, I think the curve of the buttons on the G600 would be easier to get used to.

The left-click wears out and has a doubleclick issue, yes. I had a huge problem with that and my original blue Naga and I think the Molten has that problem, too. The new 2013 edition and I believe the Naga Epic (purple wireless) don't have this problem, from what I see so far.

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Personally I like the G600 more. My boyfriend tried both to compare and he preferred the Logitech mouse as well.

I swear by the shape of the G400, my third mouse from the same mold.

I've got a G5 at work, which is laser. The issue I've found with laser over optical is that the laser is going to pick up every little bit of lint, dust, or shed skin, negating the extra precision one is supposed to get with laser. Granted, I work at a cabinetry company, so no matter how clean we try to keep the office, fine sawdust always makes its way into the electronics and on my mouse pad.

I'm using a G300 at the moment. I've only got two buttons bound right now, but it's performing impeccably for my usage and fits into my hand very nicely.
My friend has that Naga, and although I don't know anything about what it's like to actually use, I know it is the most comfortably-shaped mouse I have ever held (although I expect that's not true for all hands everywhere).

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The new 2013 seems to have far less incidence of this happening.

I use the exact Naga one you mentioned. Its great. I didn't use the side buttons for the longest time, thought they were awkward until I moved from using the 1-3 keys(top row) only. Still not the best at it, but way better then the first day I used it. Thankfully, I haven't experienced Right-button click issues at all yet.
Razer is good on updates, my experience with Logitech is that theirs isn't. Got a free PAX '09 gaming mouse, and it was shoddy and slow with a few updates. (Only one opinion, mine didn't have nearly has many buttons as that first one mentioned)
And that was a few years ago. Hopefully they have gotten better. c:

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I have a Naga Epic (basically just a wireless Naga) and I really, really love it. I was having some serious issues with carpal tunnel and changed to this mouse and it helped a lot. I unfortunately cannot compare to the Logitech mouse.

On the one hand, Logitech is known for having generally robust products. On the other hand, Razer releases frequent driver updates for their products to keep them in happy working order; I'm not sure about Logitech's maintenance for enthusiast items. The only real differences I can see between the two mice are where the non-thumb buttons are located (Logitech put them below the mouse wheel, Razer has them off to the side) and color customization for the lighting.

I've been using a Naga for a while now and have been pretty happy with it. The thumb keys took me a little while to get used to, but Razer thoughtfully provided extra little "bump" stickers to place on the keys so I could get familiar with the layout by touch until I didn't need them anymore. I can also attest to Razer's update mechanism being pretty seamless.

I love my Razer Naga. I have teeny hands, like fifth grader teeny hands, but none of the buttons are really uncomfortable. My fiance, on the other hand, has giant paws and he says that it's still really comfortable for him. Like other people say, the Razor tends to be more delicate and prone to failure, but I have had no problem with mine in a year and a half, maybe two years. I have not messed around with Logitech but I know they make really solid gaming stuff.

Naga, hands down, but get the 2013 edition. The molten looks cool, but unless you have super long fingers/gigantic hands, you might have a rough time reaching the forward mouse4/5 buttons up there. I recently got the 2013 edition after my old original blue Naga died and I like it a lot better, the new buttons are right below the mousewheel, MUCH more convenient!

I will say though, it will reinvent the way you play. You will feel crippled without them after you get used to it.

I've only had my naga for bit less than a year, but it is by far the most comfortable mouse I've ever used,(small hand ftl) and so far has had no issue with it. Since I've mostly stopped playing healers atm I don't really use all the extra buttons much, but when I did they were godly once you got used to them.

I use a logitech somethingsomething mouse that I got for less than $20 2-3 years ago and have seen no difference at all from when I played with an expensive gaming mouse. <.< That said, I have friends who love their Razer Naga - my friend swears by his. He seems to wear them out pretty quickly, though, but he plays a lot. (He goes through one in about a year or so)

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