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Rotation for levelling Demonology Warlock
Red Goddess by icon_goddess
asgard wrote in wow_ladies
So I am levelling a Demlock and was wondering if anyone had any advice on spell rotations?

I've googled me heart out and all I can find are pre-Mist guides, or guides aimed more at end game 'locks with spells I can't even dream of having right now.

She's at level 15, and I just need to know the best progression so I am properly learning how to play her, and growing as she grows :)


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This is a good place to start to learn about the class, and then they also have a guide to leveling as a Warlock. Also, I go here to the Class Discussions at MMO Champion (I linked the warlock one but they have them for every class - including monks).

Barring that, I normally read the end-game guides for my class/spec (like the IV one I listed above) and then I just apply what I can with the spells I have, adding in the new spells as I get them.

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> Barring that, I normally read the end-game guides for my class/spec (like the IV one I listed above) and then I just apply > what I can with the spells I have, adding in the new spells as I get them.

Similarly with me, levelling goes fast enough there's little point getting the optimal rotation for any low level. Plus few things you'll encounter lower down require much other than sneezing at the mobs to make them fall over. Keep an eye out for low level spells that will be replaced later by something better.

Worth reading patch notes as they come out, as one small change to a side effect can massively change the value and importance of spells you currently use, and spells you have but weren't using (all the naffing around with soulstone is a good example, could easily save or cost you a wipe if you didn't know it's behaviour changed 3-4 times in the last year or so).

the hatter

I am in the process of leveling a Demonology Lock as well. For questing it's pretty much just Shadow Bolt spam, Corruption if the thing your killing has a bit more health. Once you get Hand of Gul Dan, open with that then just shadow bolt. Use your Felguard and let him do his mean Felguard thing, Pre Felguard use Voidguy or Imp. Imp will help you kill faster and Voidguy will make you take less hits. Stay far far away from soul fire, the long cast is crappy and at those low levels it is pathetically weak, it's only useful once you get into the 60's and learn Molten Core to half the cast time. Once you hit level 25 I highly recommend the Glyph of Demon Hunting. You will be a lot tougher and your filler spell is instant, and at higher levels you get a knckback.

As far as dungeon rotations, shadow bolt spam, corruption on bosses. And for AoE, Hand of Gul Dan then Hellfire. I found out that before you learn the altered version of Hellfire you can pretty much stay in demo form for the whole dungeon. Mainly use hellfire on trash then burn through your demonic fury on bosses. If your clever with demo form dancing you can really amp up your damage greatly. As you level you'll get more and better abilities. like Doom! for demo form and such. But my biggest advise is don't bother with Soulfire at all til you get Molten Core(level 68 i think).

THANKYOU! Exactly what I needed :)

My current rotation is:
Hand of Gul'dan
Curse of Enfeeblement
Then either Drain Life or Shadow Bolt until the monster is dead, re-applying Corruption as I see it die.

I get so frustrated at how long it takes to cast Shadow Bolt. The thing has already ticked over on the icon but it's still casting, so getting my timing right is not easy. And yes Soul Fire takes for ever to cast, so I'm glad to see you telling me not to bother with it XD

Haven't really had a need to use Life Tap yet, not too sure if that's ok or I'm missing something from not using it?

Once I get to 1000 demfury I will cast Hand, Curse and Corruption then switch over to the Demform and Touch of Chaos like crazy XD Haven't had a chance to use Hellfire, Twilight Ward, Demonic Leap, Eye of Kilrogg or any of the other spells I've been getting. Again maybe cause I don't know what situations they'd be useful in.

Lastly, when do we get a buff we can apply to ourselves permanently? Twilight is only 30 seconds, but I'm thinking of something like Arcane Brilliance for mages, when do warlocks get their equivalent?

I really didn't use Curse of Enfeeblement a all except for when I got the Aura version for Demo form, and that was only really in pvp. Once you get Curse of the Elements you can use it on bosses, but I personally don't use a lot of debuffs while questing. As far as timing with Shadow Bolt, just start mashing the button when it's nearly done casting to get the next one going quickly.

I only really use Life Tap in dungeons, and sparingly at that. If the tank is going very quickly you may need to hit it once or twice. Later you'll get Doom for demo form so apply that when you first shift into Demo form, And yes, just spam Touch of Chaos. Twilight Ward has limited uses, so it's not really useful while leveling. Eye of Kilrogg is another thing you never really need to use, i think I only used it in pvp while holding the flag in WSG to see if anyone is coming. I used Demonic Leap in dungeons to quickly get into a group of trash to start Hellfireing. Also with the glyph of Demon Hunting you can continuously use it as kind of a ghetto run speed increase.

Locks get Dark Intent in the 80's as their sole buff. And you'll also get a soulwell to give lock candy to all. 50-60 i think.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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