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Apparently it's a deliberate change - they also removed the level requirement. Can't find the tweet/post to hand however :(

But... but... what if you have multiple engineers? Why don't they both get to benefit from their hard work?? D: I guess I won't make that second Blingtron after all. :(

Thing is, it wasn't just your engineer benefiting from the Blingtron's generosity. It was also everyone else around. And their alts.

Its common to see a Blingtron up in Halfhill & for people to do the quest on all of their characters. I guess Blizz found that the increased number of chances for pets / mounts / steamy robot romances wasn't to their liking.

Mounts? Blingtron doesn't give out mounts, does it? I know someone said it before on the forums, but it seems like they're so rare that they don't even show up on the wowhead drop list.

They've said that the mounts should drop from there.

According to the Blizz EU customer service, they are investigating this as it's not supposed to be working this way, so who knows what's happening

There is definately something up - the Blingtron daily wasn't available to any of my chars yesturday after using it on Wednesday :(

I think it's a bug, because he's not resetting for me. Yesterday I got no gifts at all, but I got one on Tuesday (I only have the one 90 on that server and I dropped it in a MoP zone).

Not a bug, but your issue might be. What time did you do the quest? Dailies reset after 3AM PST, so if you did it super early in the morning then that's probably why.

Yeah, I encountered that bug as well last night when a guildie pulled one out in a raid. I hadn't gotten anything yesterday (or quite a few days, for that matter), but it still wouldn't offer me anything, while it would still give stuff to other guildies (not everyone, though).

Intentional, and evidently the way they say it was originally intended. But the level restriction (requiring you to be 80 or higher) has been removed.

Oh wow, that sucks so much. If I got the timing right, I could get a gift on 12 alts before one vanished. D: It wasn't even the gift I wanted it for, each Blingtron 'quest' (getting the gift) gave 60K guild XP.

I don't know if you've seen it yet, but there are some comments about it on wowhead
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