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Rading Group LF DPS
garrosh wants you
masquedwriter wrote in wow_ladies
Horde - Echo Isles (US)

Hey ladies,

We are currently seeking DPS (one or possibly two) for a permanent spot in our raid group.

We are part of a social guild and currently looking to round out our group with people who are committed to making good progression every week. We are currently 2/6 in Vaults and hope to continue to make good progress. We are a fairly casual group and very friendly and willing to work with people. We have players ranging from people who have raided extensively in the past to people who are completely new to playing end game content.

Despite our attempts to make a friendly atmosphere that is about helping people improve - and in turn help the group improve - we do ask that our new members take their role seriously and are willing to come in prepared. We ask that all gear be fully enchanted, gemmed, and reforged. (We have people who have the professions to help with this if you need it.) We ask that you watch the videos and come in with a reasonable knowledge of the fight. We ask that you show up for each raid night and let the raid leader know as far in advance as possible if you can't make it. Vent is a requirement.

We currently raid two nights a week. We raid on Friday and Saturday at 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM PST.

Let me know here if you have any questions. Please leave your in game information (here or you can send me a LJ message) or how you would otherwise like to be contacted. I'll have my raid leader get in touch with you. It's okay if you can't start immediately (in case anyone looking for a home to raid wants to transfer or you aren't available this week or something) but we are pretty much ready to take someone right away. 


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