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Been this way for a couple weeks now, at least. When I transferred Horde I thought I would lose my bike but it just transferred to the horde counterpart. :)

Holy crap! My spectral wyvern from my one horde toon is now a spectral gryphon on my alliance toons! Thank you SO MUCH for mentioning this!

WOW I am so unbelievably thrilled about this! I had to log on to check. I feel like the mods will take this away from us when they realise it, I am just that extactic! Totally kissing their toes rn. 8D

F'ing AWESOME!!! I had my guy swap over to his ally toon and check, and sure enough he has access to the mammoth! He'd been saving up to buy it so he could have it on both factions, too... Of course, they do this AFTER I go buy it. ;)

thank you thank you thank you for posting this!


Really? Even racial? I've transferred various toons from ally to horde or visa versa (though now I mainly play a horde. I don't have a high level allie toon anymore.) Will I get to see all of those allie mounts I've bought?

I did a quick look over on an Alliance toon this morning, and it looked like I gained ~15 mounts from the last time I'd logged on blue-side (once I accounted for some entirely new mounts, like my Shado-Pan kitties and my new kite). I picked up the motorcycle, the mammoth, the Winterspring Frostsaber, the guild mount (all stuff that's been noted), plus at least one of the faction-specific Argent Tournament mounts (the Quel'dorei Steed). I did not seem to learn any of the racial-faction vendor mounts that I hadn't already acquired, even though I have all of them Horde-side, so I'll still need to acquire those the old-fashioned way.

I logged into my panda on Alliance side today and saw the achievement for owning a Winterspring Frostsaber. I was all, huh? for a minute.

This is definitely win.

Ooooh, so my hordies will have the Venomhide Raptor now??? I got it on a druid I changed to alliance back at the end of Wrath and I just never got account-bound credit for it. /happy dance

I'm so excited. Sabers in general are one reason I'm finally buckling down to get an Alliance character to 90.:)

Oh wow, that's so great! I did the raptor, won't have to do the Frostsaber!

Thanks so much for sharing this. I'm mainly Horde but while I've wanted to give Alliance a go, it just felt painful "starting all over again."

This will help sweeten things for me.

Waiting for the new patch to download and install right now, but I think I'll create a Night Elf and give Alliance a whirl :D

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:0 Can't wait to log in and see what mounts my horde toons have!

Mekgineer's chopper? Tundra mammoth? spectral gryophon(scroll of res) and golden kink. Kewl. Winterspring tiger and raptor though?

My horde toons have gained none of these mounts :( I'll try logging all sorts of character to update it.

I gained the horde version of the golden king mount- that is the scorpion.
I gained the horde version of the mekgineer's chopper
Seems like I have a lot of wind riders, although i haven't leveled a horde toon to 60 - probably converted gryphons. That includes the spectral one!
The sons of hodir mount in red.
Horde version of traveler's tundra mammoth.
Red dragonhawk for the mount achiev.
venomhide ravasaur( I did the winterspring dailies for the winterspring sabre)
Black war bear! not sure if I always had it XD

The traveler's tundra mammoth is especially interesting. I was considering buying the yak because it's cross faction, but now i might reconsider. It really does look cool tough :p

The dragonhawk actually made the transition back in 5.0.4 -- my level 60 dwarf shaman was flying around on a giant blue shrimp the day the patch dropped (which was kind of weird, given that at the time I only had 60-something mounts available blue-side). It's just that whatever they did for the shrimp, they've now done for a whole bunch of other things, too.

Which is good. It didn't feel right to not have a motorcycle when I played Alliance-side, and I wasn't looking forward to the grind required to get one. (Let alone grinding out for a blue-side Traveler's Tundra Mammoth...)


Not that I'm not irritated about a bunch of other bugs but AHHH.


I finally started my Alliance Draenei Monk-type character a couple days ago, and I was kinda sad her mount log was so lonely compared to my Horde characters.

I am definitely most excited about the Guild Lion mount and the Frostsaber! SO COOL! \o/

Noticed this yesterday when my Alliance toon had the Wooly Mammoth I purchased on my Horde toon. I was so happy!

wow! thank you for information :)

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