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Am I the only one?
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rayce wrote in wow_ladies
I just want to see how others feel right now.

I have been playing WoW since BC and L.O.V.E this game. I never needed "a break" as others have and play almost daily. I am the GM of a great guild that I started just before Cata came out, raid often and love my guild friends/family.

But since this new expansion came out I've been fed up. I hated dailies before and I hate them even more now. Blizz said "Hey.. we are taking the shoulder enchants off of faction so you don't Have to do faction grinding." and then they put all the gear I need to raid on faction so I have to do dailies and take away the tabards. Wth was the point of that? I already have a full time job and simply don't have the free time to spend 4-6 hours a day doing dailies! Someone tried to point out to me that my boyfriend has a higher gear score than me and doesn't run dungeons. He also worked from home when the expansion came out and spent most of his days doing dailies Every Single Day while testing items offline for his job.

I've talked to rl friends who are fed up with the dailies and are starting to shut down their WoW accounts. I've already watched multiple people who were addicted to the game turn their back on it. I just can't bring myself to do that but I have very little interest in playing the game lately. I keep hoping that our guild starting to raid next month will fix my lack of interest.

I'm just wondering if others are feeling as let down by this expansion as I am? What do you do to keep the game fun when all you can find to do is dailies and pokeman fights with kung fu panda? What is there in this expansion beyond the dailies that I'm missing?

Edited to clarify because I simply can't respond to all posts:
I am aware I can raid without doing dailies but I can't get the upgrades I want without doing dailies. There is a difference. The primary issue is that Blizz talked about this expansion not requiring people to do faction to get things and then they require you do dailies to get faction to buy things. It is not what I expected or what they said they were doing and I am disappointed with that.

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