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ArkInventory and 5.1
[WoW] Enhancement Shamwow
orange_gamer wrote in wow_ladies
Hurray for new patch-ness! That's a good thing.

However, my ArkInventory(I nabbed the latest release from Curse, updated 11/16 it says) uh... well. The spaces in my bags are all an opaque neon green. I tried deleting my saved variables and whatnot, even re-downloaded the add-on and that didn't work.

Anyone else having this issue? I miss my categories and unified bag space too much!

EDIT: D'oh! I checked the comments on a couple of addon sites, and it seems to be a common problem. Hope it is fixed soon!

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I had this problem as well. Just switched to bagnon for now. It's a bummer.

its fixed now, downloaded the update today

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