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Fury Warrior Reforgings
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enveri wrote in wow_ladies
Well.  I have finally decided on who I most want to play this expansion.  I got him to level 90, and tonight he'll be ready to run heroics (as I remembered he can make himself a couple of rings and a necklace with ilevel 450). 

So I ran him through Mr Robot, and noticed something new- a nice, red little disclaimer that said something about 'Yes yes, we know we're not close to hit/expertise cap, it's okay you guys, just trust us!'

So I did.

And I found myself struggling, at level 90, to outdps a level 86 hunter, where I was maintaining my coveted position at the top of the DPS charts effortlessly at 89.

Obviously, this will not stand.  Now, I am not the most brilliant theorycrafter- I don't really do math well in my head, and I don't instinctively know that forging hit off of this piece and onto this piece will give me the best bang for my buck, but I do understand basics.  I have looked at Noxxic, and that's what I used before, but to get to hit cap took pretty much -everything- and left my expertise crying in the dirt.

Is it just impossible to cap both when entering MOP heroics, or am I doing something wrong?

Also, my darling boy.

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