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Fury Warrior Reforgings
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enveri wrote in wow_ladies
Well.  I have finally decided on who I most want to play this expansion.  I got him to level 90, and tonight he'll be ready to run heroics (as I remembered he can make himself a couple of rings and a necklace with ilevel 450). 

So I ran him through Mr Robot, and noticed something new- a nice, red little disclaimer that said something about 'Yes yes, we know we're not close to hit/expertise cap, it's okay you guys, just trust us!'

So I did.

And I found myself struggling, at level 90, to outdps a level 86 hunter, where I was maintaining my coveted position at the top of the DPS charts effortlessly at 89.

Obviously, this will not stand.  Now, I am not the most brilliant theorycrafter- I don't really do math well in my head, and I don't instinctively know that forging hit off of this piece and onto this piece will give me the best bang for my buck, but I do understand basics.  I have looked at Noxxic, and that's what I used before, but to get to hit cap took pretty much -everything- and left my expertise crying in the dirt.

Is it just impossible to cap both when entering MOP heroics, or am I doing something wrong?

Also, my darling boy.

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I'm not huge on warrior stuff, and the warrior I play is Arms so I can't offer too much spec-specific advice.

Do you know a friend or guildy who can hook you up with this trinket with cogwheels for Hit/Exp? That might help with trying to meet caps early on. Some cheap Hit/Exp enchants could help too, at least until you can get some better gear.

As for reforging, I use ReforgeLite since most of the default weights are accurate, but you can adjust them accordingly based on sims (if you run them) or hit requirements for heroic/raid level bosses. It saves me doing the math by hand, or having to use a website and tabbing back and forth keying in the results.

... Y'know, for some reason, I thought that trinket was engineer only! I have a 600 engineer. I'll get her to whip one together for him with cogs. :D

Most people did think this! I know I did.

At beginning heroics, you're going to be struggling. There should be plentiful cheap hit/expertise enchants out there, since they're useful while leveling, and they will really help at this point.

I'd also recommend the Reforge lite addon. Once you figure out how to configure it, it's remarkably helpful for maximizing your reforge effectiveness.

Also, get the Ghost Iron Dragonling and get a friendly engineer to put +600 hit, +600 expertise and +600 strength cogwheels in it. It's a thing of beauty.

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I wish there were +600 primary stat cogwheels.

For fury, if you're using two cogwheels for hit and expertise, the third one should absolutely be crit. (Hell, crit gems generally sim out as better than strength gems for fury, due to getting twice as much, numerically, on secondary stat gems -- e.g. +320 crit from a Smooth Sun's Radiance or Perfect Smooth Sunstone, vs. +160 strength from a Bold Primordial Ruby or Perfect Bold Pandarian Garnet. The Serpent's Eyes, I'm not sure about -- the primary stat gems are +320, but secondary stat gems are +480, not +640.)

The character I thought would be my main is an engineer. I will have her whip this stuff up tonight. :D

I have Reforge Lite, but I'll be damned if I could figure out how to use it. :( Is there a tutorial out there somewhere? (I am fluent in Google-ese, I just can't remember finding an aid)

I could really use a tutorial too. so watching this thread. :)

This is one of the least annoying tutorial videos I found:

Its for a balance druid, but you basically use the same steps and just change your spec/class as needed in the drop-down menus.

(Deleted comment)
Aha! That actually tells me straight out I can't get to cap with my current gear (which is fine). Sweet.

Thank you! :D

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