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Not interested in raiding at the moment but absolutely in the casual/social context. I've got a lvl 85 fury warrior troll who took the free zep from Stormrage to Trollbane. I've got her just chillin' because she's guildless, all by her lonesome without sister alts and trying out random guilds of strangers isn't happening.

Ah, yeah, I hate feeling like my only option is to join random guilds full of strangers. We'd love to have you; I'm making dinner right now but I should be on again later this evening if you'd like to whisper me for an invite. There should be quite a few officers on right now, too, thanks to patch day.

Thanks. My toon's name is Rhimon. I'm Rhicat1783 on battleid.

I seem to keep missing you but I'm keeping an eye out!

I'll be around this weekend, I promise! (Stupid dailies sucking up all my WoW time :grumble grumble)

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