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ausmac wrote in wow_ladies
I have a Priest specced Shadow with a Holy offspec which I levelled from 85-90 in Shadow.  I'd rather like to try healing but all my gear is for my Shadow spec and I suspect I'll go oom pretty fast if I try to do it in my current gear.

What would be the quickest way to get a set of healing gear so I could give healing a whirl?  Or do you think I could heal in the gear I have, using pots or other methods of increasing mana regen?

My girl is here (yes, I know her gear isnt very good but I am mostly geared through questing):

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You'd probably want more spirit, I'd say. I'd just do some quests in Dread Wastes (as healer) if you have any available. Also, if you have nice guildies, just run heroics or normals with them, even as Shadow, and ask to pick up the cloth spirit gear. Once you get to about 4k spirit, you can probably start healing adequately in heroics. Just may have to drink sometimes.

Spirit is MUCH more important now than it was in Cata, so if you're geared for shadow you probably won't be able to use the same gear (depending on the level of content you're doing) without going completely OOM. There's really no way to make up for that kind of spirit gap; I had to use pots and such on my shaman healer going into heroics and I was geared for healing. I couldn't imagine doing it in DPS gear.

That said, I'm no priest expert, so someone else may have some better advice. From what I know though, all healing classes are having pretty much the same mana problems right now.

Like the others said, run heroics as shadow and pick up all the spirit gear you can. You can do quests in dread wastes as dps and still pick up healing gear as those quests now give you the option of spirit and non spirit gear (at least, I hope so for priests. o.O). I know on my druid there was int/sta + x stat & agi gear, so I obviously always picked the int/sta pieces.

When you finally step into heroics to give healing a whirl, I'd say go with a tank you know that is knowledgeable about their class and isn't going to make it hell on you. Luckily, these heroics aren't as hard as the Cata ones were at the beginning of that expansion. I know on my druid they were complete hell and to be honest, I was afraid they would be this expansion but they're nowhere near the difficulty level the others were. Good luck. :)

If you're wanting gear for a different spec than you quest in, just swap specs to the one you want the gear for before you turn the quest in. You can go DO the quest in shadow, but do the *turn in* in holy/disc easily enough.

Your gear is fine for heroics, though you will oom quite a bit. I would suggest you forge any gear that doesn't have spirit on it into spirit. And bring a tank you know and trust. You might want to grab the Mindbender talent instead of From Darkness Comes Light. I love being able to throw out my shadow puppy every minute to be able to regain mana. Plus, while I love From Darkness in a raid setting, in a 5 man I found it pretty bad. For me at least, the majority of the instant free heal procs happened when I didn't need them.

As far as picking up items in heroics, you can grab any spirit cloth that drops as shadow, if you prefer running that route. Because Spirit = hit for spriests, any spirit cloth that drops is just as much yours to roll on as it is a disc/holy priest. Get yourself into a Sha group for your quest token to get your ilevel 376 shoes. Some others have already mentioned it, but the Dread Wastes quests are great for gear. If you are having trouble getting a nice weapon to drop, do the quest in the arena of annihilation scenario for a 350 ilevel weapon.

You can quest with a disco spec, it can do damae too! And get sprirt gear rewards from quests.

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