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I'm in the progress of making a toon on your server since I want to dip my toes in the water of a high population RP server. I might hit you up when I get her up and running because your guild really interests me.

And, its worth mentioning that while we have pants, pants-wearing is entirely optional. ^.~

Seriously though, we've got some awesome people and I'm really looking forward to getting things going again!

<3 - Stormsinger

I've never ever roleplayed but I am very curious/open to the idea.. Would I be able to test the waters?

Absolutely! We are very friendly to newbie RPers (as I STILL feel like one), and have a fantastic social aspect to our guild as well - we are all good friends :)

-lurking male-
I'm working on an application for my baby warlock right now :D

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