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Guild spam! Intrepidity is in need of some more awesome people!
bowie love
chinese_dice wrote in wow_ladies
(H: Wyrmrest Accord) is looking for some new members!

I'll admit it. We've recently slacked. A lot. We ended up playing too much after MoP came out, and then we got burnt out. A few of our officers left the game due to real life issues, and the title of GM has been passed over to me. I'm ready to kick the guild back up to the awesomeness that we started at!

To do this... I need your help :)

Do you want to take part in raiding? RPing? Having inappropriate conversations? Laughing until your face hurts? Then Intrepidity is looking for you!

We are level 25 with all the perks!

We have Working Better as a Team which means HEIRLOOM PANTS for all! You get pants, and YOU get pants, and even YOU, yes YOU--get pants!!

We're very GSM (Gender and sexual minority, aka LGBTQ*) friendly, seeing as how 3/4 of our members identify under the GSM banner. We have many LGBT characters with diverse and wonderful storylines waiting to get to know you and yours as well. This isn't to say that we don't like straight people - I'm straight myself! We are just an equal opportunity lover!

We have a very active and social member base, and there's always something going on in /g or /o. We love to talk and get to know people, and we're always around to lend a helping hand to guildies who need it.

ICly, we have an immersive guild story line in the works, and we'd love to have more recruits to experience that with us. Think of it as a living campaign that we want you to be a part of!

If you're interested in killing Mogu and all of that with us: Raiding will be T/Th with a possible Sunday cleanup from 5-8 ST or 6-9 ST depending on our raider’s availabilities. Most of our users are in EST, however. Some are oceanic. We have people on at all hours of the day. If you seek a close knit community and wish to help a guild grow in a friendly and active RP setting, we’re the place for you.

Levels Accepted: 10+, but we will accept level 1 alts for testing the waters.

Races Accepted: All

Special Requirements:
We apologize, but we do no accept players under the age of 18. This has caused confusion in the past, so we're restating it again!

Please check out the website for more information! Make sure you note that you are from w_l when you fill out the application, as we normally like to get y'all in without any hassle.


Contact Information:
Guild Leader: Cylindryl/Aradyne/holycrap I have so many alts, just whisper someone in guild and they can point you to me :)
Malethia/Quindel/Saphiara/altaholic like me - RP Officer/Storyteller
Stormsinger - Social/Recruitment Officer

I'm looking for a few more for our officer team, as well. I'm currently raid leading, but would like at least one other person who feels comfortable leading the team. We also just need a few more people who are willing to put in the work and help make us better and more fun!

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I'm in the progress of making a toon on your server since I want to dip my toes in the water of a high population RP server. I might hit you up when I get her up and running because your guild really interests me.

And, its worth mentioning that while we have pants, pants-wearing is entirely optional. ^.~

Seriously though, we've got some awesome people and I'm really looking forward to getting things going again!

<3 - Stormsinger

(Deleted comment)
Absolutely! We are very friendly to newbie RPers (as I STILL feel like one), and have a fantastic social aspect to our guild as well - we are all good friends :)

-lurking male-
I'm working on an application for my baby warlock right now :D

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