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Guild server transfer question (EU)
lizzy blue sky
lizzy333 wrote in wow_ladies
Soo it has come to it that our guild has realised that the server we are on (Bladefist-EU) is getting deader and deader by the hour and the nickname Deadfist is more appropriate than ever. We can't recruit new people, we can't find pvp teams, nothing. We need to move to a different server.

We are still considering it, nothing is certain, but research is needed and the main question is - where to go? Well, the general consensus is that we are bone-tired of ganking so we are all up only for a transfer to a PvE server.

So this is where I ask you if you can recommend a EU PvE server with more alliance than horde, a healthy economy and population? We're thinking of Silvermoon-EU, which is high-pop and has more Alliance and seems good but do any of you play there and can say how it is? Or can recommend another good server?

Thank you!

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