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Guild signatures please?
HP: Me
jestana wrote in wow_ladies
I'm starting up a guild on Nesingwary (US), Alliance-side, and need some signatures. I have one already (thanks, umbralillium!), but I need more. Look for the worgen druid sitting in front of SW Northshire named Intos. Thank you!

1) Nyera
2) Suedesig
3) Nephaline
4) Cerement

All done! Thanks everyone for your help!

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Would you be able to head to a starting area? I'd be happy to roll a toon on that server to sign your charter - but I imagine running to SW would take time (I'm horde - so I only know that getting to any of the main cities from the starting area involves quite a bit of legging it!). Thanks.

I can head to the Human starting area (It's closest to SW)

That would be great. I rolled an alt there - and tried to /w you - but it wasn't finding you. I'm hanging out in the starting area!

Thank you very much! You don't have to stay in the guild once it's up and running if you don't want to, but we'd love it if you did. :D

The transfer's in the works. Might take a little while.

at this rate, I'll have all the signatures before you can get it to go through. lol

Regrettable, but true. At least the transaction went through!

Yes, it's there! Goat-pally is on her way!

Her name is Cerement, by the way.

Hey, nice Horde person. There is a sister guild to this one, Hordeside. If you're interested in both, give us a shout!

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