nephaline (nephaline) wrote in wow_ladies,

Any Dalaran Server Ladies Out There?

Hello everyone! :)  

I'm on the council of the guild Infinite Shadows.  We're SO close to have a full 10 man core group.  We are without a 3rd healer currently.  It's driving me crazy.. because a bad healer PuG means wipe after wipe in MV.  That's what happened to us this week.  Is there any healer out there that's look for a pretty casual raiding guild?  We only raid a couple nights a week, usually Thursday, and then whatever day over the weekend works for everyone as a pick up.  Usually from 6:30-8:30 server time.  It's EST time zone. 

Also, what have you all found is the best way to recruit?  The WoW Dalaran Server Forums were a bust for me. No one replied.  

Thank you, 

EDIT:  We're alliance :)
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