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MoP quest rewards
furrygreen wrote in wow_ladies
I have a couple healer I want to level up. My holy pally and resto druid, to be more specific. I'm worried about the quest rewards, though. When I leveled my resto shammy, I think I was mainly given int gear as a rewards. That was cool because my shammy went ele but I'm worried that my holy pally will get no int gear.

I don't know if I just didn't pay enough attention to the fact of gear rewards from quests before now. I'd like to be able to get quest result gear for my pally that'll won't force me to buy all my gear on the AH before I can get into the heroics.

Are they about even to the specs you've selected?

Also, where is this black market auction house? I've always wanted to see it.

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The quest reward you get offered is dependent on the spec you have active when you turn the quest in. So if you're leveling as retribution, switch to your holy spec when you go to turn the quest in, and you'll be offered a reward with Intellect on it. Also, every zone has a vendor (somewhere) that sells BoP green gear, with something for every slot, that are at a noticeably lower item level than the quest rewards, but still better than using, say, Cata gear.

The black market auction house is up by the Tavern of the Mists, on the Veiled Stair, aka the trail between Valley of the Four Winds and Kun-Lai Summit. There's a quest giver up there that gives you two quests to do and then you get a letter in the mail from Madame Goya. ALso, Wrathion is up there for your Level 90 legendary quest.

Most of the quest gear will be for your current spec. But I found the very good rewards (blue) and a lot of them in the final zone gave all three options for spec for your class. I wasn't running dungeons while leveling so I didn't start collecting a holy set until the end and it was fine.

Hi, I quested as prot. In the earlier zones I got mosly prot gear, but in the later zones esp towlong and dread wastes I had more options. I think I had replaced every piece of my old holy set by the point i reached 90.

Much of the holy gear didn't have spirit on it which created problems for me. I had big mana problems in dungeons especially since tanks seemed to be in a rush and didn't let me drink between packs. Many of the dungeon drops didn't have spirit on it either but some did. If you have a friend who's a tank that can run with you it might not be as much of a problem though( that helped me, especially while gearing up in heroics at 90)

Beside what they said, the crafted gear at 90 is actually extremely cheap to have crafted or buy. It's something like 70 ghost iron bars for a set, but ghost iron is so ridiculously abundant that that's nothing. I normally mine 2-3 stacks just doing my Tillers dailies if I mine any ore I see between Halfhill and the quest hub.

... I mined 23 stacks doing the Tillers dailies on my warrior this morning.

Must mine all the things? I've been mining most of the nodes I come across, just to fill in my map for future characters that may end up out there. Most of Skyrange is covered in Ghost Iron Ore node icons on my Carbonite map. I think I may have a problem....

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I have three transmute-specced alchemists. I feel guilty if I don't burn the CD every day. (And, yes, must MINE ALL OF THE THINGS.)

I have the Gatherer tooltips turned off and alpha on the nodes turned down -- otherwise, I'd just be seeing seas of red in the Heartland.

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