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Hello fellow WOW ladies
aylarose111 wrote in wow_ladies
Good to see other ladies on tired of stupid men who ask the same question over and over " Do women play WOW?' and then when one speaks up and says "yes" they attack the crap out of her..


You would think that men would be completely pleased to see women playing who like the game and not be like other females and HATE it..snarling from the sidelines " you are always playing that stupid game"..but no...guys gonna act like jerks and hate on females and throw so many stones that women just stay quiet about their gender and keep to themselves.

Its an computer game...gender has no bearing on how well you play or if you one can see what you look like anyhow.

I got lucky and found a great guild early on and they have been good to me..and they dont put up with guys coming into the guild being disrespectful towards women ..and on top of that,since i am colonel of the guild,i have boot powers so if someone even gets started out they go.

I look forward to talking more with you ladies...and maybe meeting some of you in game


Toon name....Morrissadead  level 90 ret pally

many hugs to all you girlies

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I'm on Stormrage US - Tarrina is the name as a resto druid so if you ever want to run anything or need anything crafted (LW) let me know :D

I always joke around and say 'nope, girls dont play wow'... I don't take them seriously. :)

This, pretty much. Most of the time they're just trolling, they're fully aware we're around.

I'm glad you found a guild that doesn't put up with that shit. It helps to have a support network :3

I'm so glad you find a good guild that supports you! I am lucky to have also found a guild that doesnt allow that kind of talk & behavior towards the ladies in our guild. Granted they rag & taunt me but its like brothers & never rude but someone else try that with them around & they will stomp them down! I play on Burning Legion but if you ever want to add me Wickdlady#1898 feel free to!

When they say that sort of thing in trade chat, they are trolling you. They know very well women play wow. If I even feel like responding I'll say something like "Yep! They all turn into men the moment they log on!"

Welcome! I run a horde guild over on WrA. Around where I live it's not anything of note if a woman's gaming, and other women generally just don't care or tell you about the games they play too. (Mostly things like angry birds but that IS still a game)

It might be an age thing too, most of the women I speak to are late 20s to mid 40s.

I hear your frustration.

In random groups, I usually don't bring it up. Most people assume I'm a guy. People in my guild assumed I was a guy. I was like, "Despite the fact that I play a female blood elf?" "No offense, but because you play a female blood elf." Hehe.

I am lucky to be in a guild that has quite a few females. I'd say a disproportionate amount. Therefore all the guys are accustomed to being around female players and know they have to be respectful and KNOW girls can handle their toons.

Moral of the story: Ignore the stupid boys club attitude of strangers and find a group to play with that is mature enough to know better.

Good luck! And nice to have you here! I'm new myself but this does seem like a fantastic community.

welcome to the community! I'm happy you found a respectful, mature guild!

the amount of shit that women who play WoW (or other multi player) get either in-game and on the forums can be really disheartening at times, so it's nice to have a comm like this to go to. personally I do not often disclose my gender to strangers in WoW because I am wary of the outcome of doing so. I usually only tell trusted guildies and even despite that I still have had many unpleasant experiences, that run the gamut from guys being mean/rude/superfuckingcreepy to being way too friendly/nice to the point of condescension.

my favorite, somewhat-ironic story was back in Wrath, when raid weeklys were a thing (e.g. "Flame Leviathan must die!"). I was asked to go to the FL weekly by a guy who I had run with before (he had no clue I was female). We were having problems because people were bad at picking up pyrite or whatever, so the guy who invited me announced in raid chat that he needed "someone non-female" to be his gunner (as a dig to whoever was his gunner before, presumably male) and pick up pyrite and then, since he knew I was a good player, specifically asked me to be his gunner, so I did. success was had, of course, but that story never fails to make me laugh because so many of those jerks who declare women don't play or are inherently bad at the game, don't realize women are often secretly all around them, making shit happen.

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Being female and having played WOW since Vanilla I chuckle at this. I used to love the reaction when they found out I was female. I am a 50 year old mom of four sons (who also played for years) and most of the guys who didn't know were dumbfounded when they found out! But, I made sure I knew my toons and knew how to play them, after awhile my priest was so well known my gender didn't matter anymore. Don't waste your time with the trolls, they'll always grab onto anything to annoy. Always remember: it's YOUR $15 a month and YOUR game, play it your way and most importantly...have fun!

I'll get skewered for this, but I don't care. If gender has no baring on how well you play, why does it matter what gender you are at all? Why bring it up if it's not important? I don't bother with it. I find the ones that MUST make it a point to say they are, in fact, a female do it for attention more than anything and it's rather sickening because then they complain about said attention when it's not from the people they want it from. That's just my experience with it, really. I guess YMMV.

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