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Dread Wastes
Lana commission
roguebait wrote in wow_ladies
I'm wanting to confirm something I read on the forums:

Is it true that to access Dread Wastes, you have to do all of Townlong Steppes first? I've been leveling my priest through dungeons, but the word on the street is that if I don't do some quests to get a higher item level, I'll have to drop gold on gear to do heroics (I've still got a 384 and 397 pulling me down). I was just going to hop into Dread Wastes if possible, because questing is horribly, horribly painful.

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Nope! I did them simultaneously (and in Townlong's case, backwards)


Okay, that raises the next question - how do I get there?

Nevermind, it was answered below!

Edited at 2012-11-21 04:39 pm (UTC)

According to Wowpedia:

Dread Wastes is accessed on foot from either the Dusklight Bridge or the Shallowstep Pass in Townlong Steppes. It is possible to fly over the Serpent's Spine from points eastward and to swim around the wall's southern end from Krasarang Wilds as well.

Players who progress far enough in the Townlong Steppes zone will be offered a free flight to a Flight Point on top of the Serpent's Spine with quest-givers who start the Dread Wastes quest chain. Ground-bound players who do not want to wait for that quest to become available can travel to the Terrace of Gurthan and find a coil of rope on the ground. Click on the rope to climb to the top and find the flight point and quest-givers.

I've only done the quest way, but I know of others who have done the other way.

You're very welcome :)

(Deleted comment)
Not at all. I skipped Townlong Steppes all together on my warrior and went back later.

I did too on my Hunter. I I remember right, I got the Dread Wastes quest for the spine either in Kun-Lai or Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

My priest, I don't think, even finished Jade Forest. >> All dungeons, all the time.

I think my hunter will be the only one to do everything, my alts will mainly level through dungeons.

I got the quest for Dread Wastes from Vale of Eternal Blossoms - I remember this clearly. It appears to be level-bases. 88, I think. Maybe 89.

I STRONGLY urge you to go to Dread Wastes when you hit 89. While I found the quests more challenging, the exp was A LOT better which made the 89-90 transition much easier. Gear upgrades were also acceptable.

^ This is what I do at 89. I always ding 90 before completing the zone.

You get a quest that takes you over the wall. I did dread waster before I Townlong Steppes. A couple of people in my guild I know started it before they hit 90.

I just ran all the way to where the Sapmaster is in Dread Wastes, and was given a quest to go to the wall, including the flight path to it. Then I picked up the rest and headed to Klaxxi'ves when I got the quest.

ROFL! The only "word on the street" needs to be: Blizz made this game so over the top easy you could probably randomly point and click your mouse and be anywhere you want to be. Either that or cry long enough to the developers and they'll take your toon there themselves!

I'm glad you find it to be that way. Please note, however, that I wasn't saying that the quests were hard, merely that I hate questing with a passion.

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