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Terrace of Endless Spring LFR
garrosh wants you
masquedwriter wrote in wow_ladies
Who's braving the LFR Terrace of Endless Spring that is opening up today after maintenance? I know I did the HoF opening week for both parts. It was a bit of a nightmare, but I plan to attempt Terrace of Endless Spring today because I'm eager to see the continuing storyline from MoP. I've been super impressed with lore and story telling and just raid design this expansion.

Any elite players on this with their raiding guild yet? I know there's one guild on my server (super hardcore) that is about finished with heart of fear. We're still working on Vaults, but excited for the sneak preview of the rest of end game content!

Reminds me a bit of Wrath in terms of good design and decent story telling. It was an area where cata dropped the ball imo.

Edit: mistype.

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Ugh I wish our guild would even get raid ready enough for the Vaults....3 toons ready to go and yet here I sit twiddling my thumbs watching my progress grow stale...sigh

Yeah, it can be rough waiting for enough people. I was lucky enough to get into group one and we've been working at it. However, we're having a hard time keeping our core group. People changing their minds, having other engagements, needing a different time slot . . .

It's super frustrating. We're making slow progress because we're largely a social guild but that's find with my because I'm a new raider so it fits. But it is gratifying to see the progress every week. Even if we don't necessarily get the boss down, we get consistently further one his health and phases get hammered out.

I just keep telling myself we have the whole expansion.

I hope you get a group soon!

Have you thought of looking to do fill-ins or something through open raid or a similar site? I wouldn't want to do it with a group I don't know but maybe it's something you'd be confident enough to do.

eh my boyfriend and i only raid together and hes a tank (i have a mage, a tank/healer, and a melee so im covered for everything lol) and he doesnt feel up to raiding w people he doesnt know as tank, and tank spots are normally filled so unfortunately i dont think that would work, we did raid one week w a friends guild thats been trying to con us into switching to their guild, but now their guildies are raid ready so they take preccedence over us pugs :)

oh ya, and as for LFR not sure we will run Terrace tonight because he likes to wait til the kinks get worked out and people actually know what they are doing since no matter what happens it all gets blamed on either the tanks or the heals (it could never be dumb dps'ers lol)

I plan on attempting it tonight! And I hear ya! My guild's still struggling through MSV (and trying to decide if we should give up on Elegon for a while and do the easier boss of HOF) and I do feel like we're a bit swamped/overwhelmed with content, being casuals! (But I like it! Not complaining at all! Gimme lots to do Blizz<3)

My friend's guild has been doing that. The first boss in HOF is a lot easier than Elegon, apparently.

I haven't had the spoons to gear up for LFR but your comment about story piqued my interest. If I may ask, how is the ongoing storyline? Everything I have heard about the raids has been mechanics oriented (and I can't really piece together much looking around) so if somebody would be willing to give me the Cliff's Notes that would be awesome. (Spoilers welcome; I'm one of those rare people that get more interested in seeing something after being spoiled.)

Well, it's not so mogu'shan vaults that really had a storyline that I enjoyed.

I had really enjoyed the Klaxxi storyline even prior to doing Heart of Fear and I just loved the continuation of it. If you've done the Klaxxi dailies you know that they are the mantid who are charged with basically keeping the power of their empress in check. Recently she has been acting more and more erratically and you're finally led basically on a charge of the hive to destroy here (at which time you find out she is possessed by the Sha of Fear - and the whole part with that is just flawless.)

Yes, it is EXTREMELY mechanics heavy in the Heart of Fear even in LFR version. Unlike mogu'shan the mechanics do have to be observed or you'll wipe. I have several people in my guild who said they couldn't even pay attention to the story because their eyes were glued to their cooldowns or healbot or whatnot. I'm sure a lot of people are in the same boat.

Oooh -- I loved the Klaxxi storyline in Townlong Steppes. I was hoping to see more of it in the raids! On one hand, I love mechanics heavy raids and instances because I find them interesting (... like I am pretty sure I am the only person who actually adored Safety Dance in Naxx; everyone else I knew HATED it) but they do suck for actually being able to pay attention to all the lore stuff going on around you! (Especially as I tend to play tanks, amg.)

My guild has finished with normal MSV, we're progressing through Heart of Fear right now, and then we'll be moving onto TES. Even LFR difficulties can be tricky (lol Garalon) so its nice to work on PvE content that's actually challenging. I was getting so sick of raiding Dragon Soul, and by the end of the expansion doing a full clear of heroic DS was easier than trying to complete LFR due to the number of trolls and stupid wipes.

I hadn't specifically planned on it, but I ended up saying "What the hell" and went in. I got in on a run that was on the second boss, who took a number of tries while people learned the fight (which, as it turns out, is a mechanically very interesting fight, which also means that it's ill-suited to LFR facerolling), but I came out of that with a one-shot of the last two bosses and a shoulder tier token. That, along with my chest token from last week and tier legs dropping off the Sha today put me at one piece away from my 4-piece bonus (which, seeing as I'm an elemental shaman, isn't bad but also isn't the most exciting thing in the world).

Well, grats on your tier tokens! Better than nothing, for sure. I need to get to grinding out shado-pan if I want my trinket. My trinket is bad >.> And not crazy about the epic one I do have.

And . . . were you in my group? Lol. Because the exact same thing happened to me last night. I agree, mechanically Tsulong is an interesting fight. I really enjoyed how they did the day and night phases. A lot of the mechanics have been interesting this expansion. Though, I agree, not LFR friendly. When I think of that first week with Un'Sok . . . *shudders* What gets me is, if you don't want to watch videos and stuff for LFR, I'm not going to fault you that much, but for God's sake, read your dungeon journal at least so you aren't doing unforgivably stupid stuff to wipe the raid. Another problematic mechanic in the Heart of Fear is the fact that one person can effectively wipe the entire raid. (Running under Garalon, not interrupting the explosions on Un'Sok, etc.)

Anyway, I had to give up on my terrace group. It was getting late and I had a headache and I needed to go to sleep. Going to try again today.

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