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UI Mod Monday!
Quizzical kitten
frieliegh wrote in wow_ladies
and Monday kitten!

I should be packing and baking all day and getting all but refrigerator stuff and the stuff we'll need Tuesday morning stuffed into the car today. Tomorrow will be grabbing the refrigerator and last minute stuff and getting in the car, going "oh crap, I forgot my authenticator" and running back in to get it, then taking off to drive cross state.

So I'm doing this a little differently today: You get what may be the cutest video in the history of kitten videos (may be, may be, it's definitely in the running) with the caveat that it may entirely distract you from all things UI...

should you be too wary, too busy, or simply allergic to videos, the gist of how it applies lies here:

laser pursuit

And now, I am tracking down my ToDo list and checking things off, do your ToDo lists include matters UI/mod/screenshot/"I did it!" or "WTF is it doing to me?!" Bring it on in. I won't be right around but someone should be checking in, and I WILL check in later.

So, are we all running madly today? How are things in the world of UIs?

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Have a safe drive!!

I had a UI question, but I forgot it. I'll have to see if it percolates up through the grey matter later. Perhaps after my 3rd cup of coffee. >.>


I've been wondering what this add-on is. I've seen it on a few players UI and as a healer this looks sick. I want my raid ui to be in 1 long 10m. column instead of 2. A guildie told me this was Grid or HealBot, but I have both and can't get it to do this.

That looks like the default blizzard raid frame!

Tha'ts the default Blizzard raid frame, with class colors enabled.

Yep it's default! Don't seperate by groups and move it to make the raid frame wrap long enough for 10 people. You can also get mana bars on there and remove the border.

You can also have it go in horizontal rows and move it around the screen.

This was introduced in cataclysm.

Edited at 2012-11-19 04:47 pm (UTC)

Does anyone know of a good addon for multi-dotting? One of my alts is a shadow priest, and I'm finding that I'm really enjoying it this expansion (as opposed to last expansion). But I want to dot ALL THE THINGS!

There's a reason I don't raid. I can only keep track of one or two things dotted. Try uhmmm ForteXorcist? I think that one supports multiple targets.

I used to use Fortexorcist to do this, but found I could get a similar result using Raven which I use for general buff/debuff tracking

Turn on nameplates and get PlateBuffs. It puts an icon above their heads with your debuff and the timer on it, also does lots of handy things in PVP as far as showing buffs on other players to be aware of.

This is what I came up with for 1024x768


found on curse: cleanui, bag sort, bagsync, clique, chat loot, mrp, bigwigs, auctionator, masque, cleanui masque skin, opie, spade, archeo helper, I hear you whisper.

wowinterface: aurora, aurora missing textures, aurora mrp, aurora chat loot.

Tomorrow I actually have a real, honest to gosh, all the way day off! I may faint. However, before I do that, I want to spend a chunk of the morning updating all my mods.

I have no idea what I want, in terms of the names of things or how to find them.

I loved that mod where it told me all about the quest chains that I was on and where to find things.
I love the idea of the mod that will tell you when unique monsters or pets are in the area.
I love role playing, and want to be able to contribute more information for people who "hover" over me, trying to see who I really am.

I don't enjoy dungeons, I loathe the idea of PVP, and i love collecting things (need 300 light leather? Ok, give me an afternoon, I will have that for you...)(And I will enjoy doing it!)

I like to sell stuff on the auction house, but I strongly suspect that there has to be a better way than I have been doing.

for you I recommend:

zygor: nice quest helper. lots of my guildies love it and swear by it. I don't use it because it's kind of a memory hog.
NPC Scan/ NPC Scan Overlay: scans the area you're in for rare elite npcs.
MyRolePlay: you can customize your characters name, race, and add descriptions and stories.
Gatherer: collect away!
Bagnon: helps with organizing your bag/bankspace. useful for alts and bank alts.

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"I loved that mod where it told me all about the quest chains that I was on and where to find things."

I don't know if you're talking about while leveling or dailies and such. For leveling I use a mod called WoW-Pro Leveling. It's free and works with another mod called TomTom to make leveling RIDICULOUSLY easy. Basically, it takes you through all the quests in a zone step by step with a BIG ARROW (you can resize it) in the middle of your screen telling you where to go next. I could not level without it. Unfortunately, it doesn't work as well for dailies now that most zones have random dailies each day.

You can get the WoW-Pro mod here. And TomTom here.

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