WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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That be my guild website. We're all of the things you mention, but our server isn't exactly amazing! We're on Hellscream EU and the AH has everything you might need to buy or sell to make gold, but not much in the way of awesome rare mounts/pets/etc, We're on Hellscream EU :) Feel free to peek at the site or ask any questions! :D

P.S. We currently raid current content about once or twice a week and older content two to three times a week :)

Hi there :) Thanks for the reply! The website is AMAZING! I also love that you guys have a facebook page and a wiki page! My only concern or perhaps question is would it be too conservative for us? We don't want to be in a guild where we have to worry about our language or how we turn a phrase. We are very outgoing individuals and extremely outrageous at times. We just want to be where we can be ourselves.

Weee, glad you think so! I wouldn't worry about being outrageous, that sounds likme our kinda people. We only really draw the line at the usual : racism, sexism, etc!

Have a look at

The guild has been about since TBC, but only recently moved over to kazzak (which is all very high pop, and full of people). More people is always good.

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