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Priest Q
roguebait wrote in wow_ladies
One of my (three) priests is nearing 90. Another is 85

Main spec Holy for the first, disc for the second's OS. I have no plans of raiding (maybe, possibly, if the mood strikes, an LFR here or there). I DO do 5-mans on them, though. Possibly some PvP on the 85, if I ever actually get around to leveling her.

Looking at and the level 90 talent, they recommend Cascade for both. But that seems...less than ideal in a 5-man situation? I was thinking more Halo for fives...

What does wow_ladies say? What do you use? For both fives, and pvp healing.

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I use Cascade in heroics, and it is effective. I imagine it would be more effective in raid. Halo seems like you have to have good communication with your group to use it effectively, and that might be hard to get in a random heroic :(

Halo has caused some issues in 5m for me - have to be really careful to not pull extra mobs.

Cascade is my preferred choice for raiding due to mana issues/range/usefullness and I use it in 5m as well.

Divine Star is still my favorite - low mana, can be spammed, but works much better in stacked up mechanics.

Agree. I started out using Halo and it just ended up being a PITA having to look around before you used to to make sure you weren't going to pull extra mobs with it. I would stick with cascade.

Ooooh. Is this going to be an issue to consider for my Shadow specs? (all three priests have one for questing; one's MS) I didn't even realise to think...

Would it be better to avoid Halo altogether?

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If you know how to use it, you can still use Halo in 5mans. At the end of the day it's usually the boss DPS that count anyway and those are usually in an area where it is save to use.

As shadow, Halo is pretty much the only good lvl 90 talent. Cascade has to hit different targets, so you're only going to get one boss hit total, unless there's more than one target, and even then - Halo will hit harder. I haven't used Divine Star, so I can't say anything about that really, but I've never actually seen it used by any priest, healing or dps.

Use it a few times outside a group to get an idea on its radius. I've pretty much gotten it down how far I need to be to not pull extra mobs. It's not hard to get to that point, and the damage it can do is amazing.

I use halo. Love it. my raid group loves it. it's fun for soloing too. Thinking of starting to use cascade, and then switching to halo for boss fights.

I wouldn't use Halo for 5 mans. I don't want to accidentally pull extra mobs but if you're in the clear it will do a whole lot of healing. I find Cascade works rather well for 5 mans and prefer it over Divine Star and Halo. But honestly go with the one you like best.

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