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EU (H) Disc Priest and Pally + Two Friends Seeking Guild
domavere wrote in wow_ladies
Hi there - currently my friends and I are in a dying guild where even the officers have pulled their mains and put them in other guilds, leaving us sitting holding the bag.  It's definitely time for us to move on.  So here's what we are looking for:

- A realm with a fairly good horde economy and population
- Mature guild (one that is not offended by off colour humour and language)
- Active ESTABLISHED guild - we are NOT interested in helping build a beginning guild
- Raiding is not mandatory, but is an option should we wish to sign up down the road
- Active vent/TS
- FUN people to play with! :)

What we offer:

- Several toons between lv 90-85 (we will be leveling them) plus a number of lower level alts.  Three new players in all.

Sorry, we are NOT interested in transferring to alliance.


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