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LFR drops
furrygreen wrote in wow_ladies
I know this will sound like a whine to most (might as well call a duck a duck) but I was wonder if any of you have really, really awful luck with LFR drop system? I've done all the LFR (the first two for over a month) and recently the last two as well (well, only once for the part two of bug-ville), I've only gotten a grand total of one actual gear piece.

I'm starting to feel depressed. Trying to gear my little resto shammie was hard enough by virtue of the few resto shammie drops are in the heroic dungeons. I just don't want to feel so depressed about my little shammie. D;

And, sort of off this topic, I've noticed in healing the bug-ville LFR, there haven't been a lot of shammies healers. In the first set there were a ton but I've been the only shammie in the second set. Has anyone noticed this?

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I've noticed it as well. I play a resto druid and I've gotten the cloak in the first set twice and a spirit trinket I don't even want. =/ I'm honestly tired of getting bags of gold. Sure, gold is nice but really? Gold is ridiculously easy to get. =/ I did the second set of HoF this week twice, and I lost a token that was supposed to be gold because I wasn't "eligible" which makes no sense considering I know of plenty of people who've ran stuff more than once in a week and used their token rolls. =/ So not only did I not get the bag of gold, but I lost out on a token for the week which is completely bogus. Same thing happened to my SO except his didn't say he wasn't "eligible" it just took his token and gave him nothing.

You can use token rolls if you've already done the raid that week? I can imagine that was probably a bug akin to what happened when the Cata LFR came out but still! That would suck. God only knows how many hours of fire stamping and tackling booze thieves went into that token.

I'm feeling like all my raid gear is going to come from dailies.

Using token rolls isn't a bug, it's a feature. Every time a raid boss drops, you can use a token if you have it available. You can also run LFR more than once and get the VP at the end.

Well, I know it's a feature. I just didn't know you could use it if you've already done the boss that week. This is good to know, though! Thanks! <3

I wouldn't recommend doing it right now as it is definitely bugged. :( The GM who responded to my ticket filled out a bug report for me on it and sent that in which was really nice of them as my SO was told to fill out his own. XD

I'm feeling like all my raid gear is going to come from dailies.

This is pretty true. LFR is a nice bridge between heroic blues and raiding gear, but I know I didn't expect to get much from that system since I raid every week. I've had LFR gloves, a cloak, and a ring from the goody bags, and right now the only LFR item I have left is the gloves. Everything else was replaced with normal raid drops, or VP gear.

I mostly run LFR as a second chance to win items that I really really want that can't be earned through the rep grind, namely a weapon upgrade and another piece of tier, and the elder charm things come in handy for that.

Same here. My poor resto druid got a stupid trinket I really dont care about & nothing but gold. I really have no trouble raising gold so those bags are effing pointless to me.

I know! It's more frustrating to hear how my guildies complain about all the duplicates they get. One went through it once totally and was on the second boss of his next run through and he'd apparently already gotten duplicates (even three of one item.) D: It makes me a sad little goblin healer.

I've gotten 4 total drops. Two were downgrades to what I already have and two were the same item, one of which I AM using so that's a plus I guess, was just disappointing to spend a token roll on it and get the same item I already had. :(

I have run every single week it has been open on my mage and gotten nothing, I have run 3 weeks in a row on my dk and got nothing, this week i ran on my pally, and guess what I got yeah I feel your pain.

My gawd! You have worst luck than I do! I can only come vaguely close in saying it took almost two months of running the H dungeon Temple of Jade to get my stupid helm. XD But I got to opt out after the first boss so it wasn't so bad.

Sometimes the drama of LFR makes me want to throw things and not getting any kind of reward for putting up with pug crap makes want to stop healing at times. XD

Yeah, I have only ever gotten one thing. I suspect it's intentional, because let's be realistic, if they made the drops more common, then people would be less inclined to keep running stuff, and not everyone has multiple raid-ready toons. Secondly, it's probably also a bit to simulate the fact that if it were the old loot system, you'd have to compete for anything that did drop with probably at least 3-6 other people, possibly more, depending on your spec/class.

yeah but when i see my offhand go to a shield toting shammy that cant use it and cant even trade it i have little faith in the lfr loot system

Actually shamans can use offhands; they're just not ideal and they won't be passed to them in most raiding groups because other classes need them more.

I think what Christy is saying is that the shammie already has a shield. He or she doesn't need the offhand when her toon does need it, not that shammies can't use offhands. Though, the LFR in Cata forbid those with shields to use offhands in gear that was dropped from LFR.

she even said its junk and i know on my shammy i prefer shields over offhands. and if she gets it in loot over my mage when its now junk to her yes i think lfr loot is messed up

Unfortunately my SO is too nice to say no to our shaman who doesn't mind rolling on anything he wants and I think we've had an OH go to him (when he was using a staff and didn't even have a MH weapon, mind you) over my SO. =/ I guess anything to up the guy's dps as it's kinda lacking. . but still. :(

Your shaman sounds lazy/bad. Everyone can get their first 450 blue-quality weapon from the Arena of Annihilation scenario (he would've gotten a 1H mace), and if he's using a 450/463+ staff over MH/OH combo his DPS won't increase that dramatically by switching between the two.

Well, it supposedly picks four or five people to give gear every time and that was about the same was the old system. But I did gear my four healers in the old system and, while it was frustrating (ret pallies needing on healing necklace and getting a roll bonus, for example), I could generally get more than one drop for every 50 boss kills (or more.)

I understand why they changed but sometimes just seeing gold on top of gold and more gold is a little sad. D;

and at least in the old system if u couldnt use it or it was a repeat u could trade it w someone who could actually use it instead of just selling it for a few gold.

Honestly, it seems about the same to me. My DK went over a month without winning anything in LFR during Cata. She's a tank too so had 50/50 odds on any tank gear that dropped.

My hunter so far has had about the same luck as she did with cata. About one piece a week whether it is useful or not.

I think part of the issue is how we remember things. Winning things is much more memorable then not winning things. So, in all likelihood we remember what dropped in LFR then when we actually won. Also, DS LFR gear was better than anything you had, so you didn't get items in the beginning that weren't upgrades.

Put a bug report in on any items you get that aren't spec appropiate.

I think part of the issue is how we remember things. Winning things is much more memorable then not winning things. So, in all likelihood we remember what dropped in LFR then when we actually won. Also, DS LFR gear was better than anything you had, so you didn't get items in the beginning that weren't upgrades.

I've got a good memory. I remember the times I got no drops quite well. XD

Regardless, my one drop was an upgrade. I wouldn't my duplicates. At least it would be like I was winning something other than gold.

The bit about remembering things we won better than things we did not is actually kinda backwards to how the typical person thinks. We remember the bad more than the good, it just stands out more. DX

I planned my gear drops out so that i know which bosses to use gmy coins on. I have had pretty good luck so far with drops, i probably get a piece every other boss or at least one per run.

Send me some of that luck. XD Do you use the coins during your first go through or do you run it multiple times?

I dont have the patience to run any of them more than once a week, so first run only, lol. I only run one toon through LFR though, not multiples.

I have noticed a lack of Shaman, I play a disc Priest and it seems I'm usually one of three or four Priests, though the others tend to be holy. I also see Pallies and Monks quite a bit, but only a few Druids and barely any Shaman at all.

As for loot I've been pretty lucky there, though the first week I blew my coins on bosses I shouldn't have so got double-shoulders off one and lots of extra gold. :P Now I keep a list of boss drops next to me so that I KNOW if X boss that didn't drop anything actually has three possible drops for me, so blowing a coin is a good idea.

...there's gear in LFR?

(lol, if that's ANY indication of my luck)

LOL! I always say that when someone in LFR complains about getting gear they don't need. XD

Regardless of how good or bad my loot RNG is each week when I do LFR, I still prefer this system to the old one.

I don't know. Being annoyed with the current system kind of takes away that objectivity I might've had. I certainly like that there are more LFR raids anyway. For that alone, I'll take this over the other. But I think I'm inclined to agree with you. I can't tell you how annoying it was to have people buying others from their realm to roll on items they needed too.

Random is random, as they like to say. I have had maybe one drop since xpac opened until this week - struggling to keep up with ilevel in my raid since I was depending on valor gear only - and this week I got four pieces dropped. It really is completely random. You just have to keep at it and explore your other options for gearing (ie. dailies, valor gear, sha of anger, galleon if you're fortunate enough to get a group for him.)

It's frustrating, but it makes it all the more gratifying when you do have a lucky week.

It's frustrating, but it makes it all the more gratifying when you do have a lucky week.

So true! :)

I've gotten 3 of the LFR agility bracers now. I've had the normal version every time, and never used a coin. ;_;

Oh gosh! I was hoping the tokens would alleviate this somewhat.:P

I actually did a lot of the DS LFR with the different system in place. I never got a gear drop with it yet though. I'm hoping for better luck when I do MOP LFR somehow. I'm still gearing up to 460, however.:X

Do what all my deceitful healers have done since Cata: cheat the gear level numbers. XD It easiest on classes with two distinctly different gear sets like enhance shammie and resto shammie. I just got lots of agi gear. I'm not tech. 170 but I'm still in number 1 heals spot.

The first raid isn't bad. The first boss of the second half is kind of annoying but the rest are fine. I like the bugville second raid better than the first. The mechanics are more involved.

Yeah, the RNG drop rate is horrible. I've been running the LFRs and normal 10m raids ever since they opened, and I've gotten a grand total of ... three upgrades only from LFR, none from the 10m normal raid. The rest of the gear is crafted (chest + gloves) and Valor Point Purchases. :(

I feel your pain. To make it worse, it seemed like loot showers out of the sky into my Hubby's bags. In ONE lfr, he got 4 items. My loot luck makes me feel like poor Charlie Brown in the Halloween Special. "I got a Rock."

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