Green (furrygreen) wrote in wow_ladies,

LFR drops

I know this will sound like a whine to most (might as well call a duck a duck) but I was wonder if any of you have really, really awful luck with LFR drop system? I've done all the LFR (the first two for over a month) and recently the last two as well (well, only once for the part two of bug-ville), I've only gotten a grand total of one actual gear piece.

I'm starting to feel depressed. Trying to gear my little resto shammie was hard enough by virtue of the few resto shammie drops are in the heroic dungeons. I just don't want to feel so depressed about my little shammie. D;

And, sort of off this topic, I've noticed in healing the bug-ville LFR, there haven't been a lot of shammies healers. In the first set there were a ton but I've been the only shammie in the second set. Has anyone noticed this?
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