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Pally healing tips?
christy_elias25 wrote in wow_ladies
I have my first healer finally to 90 (yay for Triple Threat achieve) lol because we lost a healer in our raid team due to a disagreement over rolling on ds gear. (One person felt that someone's "alt" shouldnt be allowed to roll on gear only if u are on your main unless no one else needs it...or something like that).  Because my boyfriend is the raid leader and I wanted to help out when MoP came out (I normally run a fire mage), I leveled my holy spec on my pally, got her geared and am now raid ready.  However, Ive never healed in raids, do it no problem in dungeons.  Any tips for me?  Sorry if this was confusing, I am stumbling over my words it would seem :)

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First: hooray raiding holy paladins!! *total fistbump*

Second, it really depends on what kind of other healers you're working with and where the holes are. Right now I'm running with an ele shaman and a mistweaver monk, but I used to run with a resto druid who had AOE heals on LOCKDOWN and I tended to be much stronger sticking with healing the tank and spot healing others to abuse beacon of light. (Except for Ultraxion, where you would just spam holy radiance + light of dawn all the time always and win all the HPS meters.) Last time I checked, Elitist Jerks didn't have a dedicated Holy thread for MoP, but there are resources like and that help a lot with glyphs/gems/enchants/stat priorities and in some cases basic rotations.

I'm a big believer in finding your own way to heal because what's effective for some people isn't for others. I used to heal on my druid and loved click casting with VuhDo, but I really *hated* using click casting on my paladin and preferred to do the default keybind casting. I would suggest you hop into LFR if you're comfortable healing in 5 mans just to get a feeling for the environment -- LFR is a lot more forgiving than normal mode and you'll have five (or six?) other healers there to cushion your learning curve. It'll also give you an idea on how your mana regen is for certain fights. (Since most people in LFR completely ignore mechanics anyway, I've found it's much more useful for sussing out your spec/where you are with your gear and rotation than it is for actually learning boss mechanics.)

Um, as far as rotation goes, I generally throw beacon on one of the tanks (depends on the fight, but sometimes I end up out of range of one of the tanks because of positioning so I put beacon on one and make sure I follow the other one around), use holy shock on cool down on whoever needs it, word of glory (talented into Eternal Flame for me) for a big HP heal, and if I need to get one person up quickly flash of light + holy shock (or divine heal or whatever it is if it procced into a faster casting time) because I have a glyph that gives a target a healing bonus after I cast FoL on them. Don't know how helpful my habits are to you though.

If you have any specific questions as you experiment I will definitely try to answer them as best I can!

I'm looking at Noxxic and it already suggests different talents/etc. than I use, haha. I guess I should also point out that I'm more of a recreational raider than a hardcore one.

lol i have just started doing lfr and yes i love pally heals....a healer wearing plate? how can one go wrong :) I have researched those sights got my glyphs and talents where i think they need to be and at 455 ilvl was still in the top two healers of raiding both times i tried so i know i must be doing something right and am just trying to refine my technique. I have learned to utilize holy shock a lot more for my light of dawn free mana aoe heals, i always beacon a tank, i use holy light for baby heals on people during holy shock and if there are a bunch of people around the tank i also use holy radiance on him. i did the talent w the eternal flame and find it works great. I do notice that because pally healers are more tank healers than aoe raid healers sometime my heals dont look as great on the meter as id like but i know i am pulling my weight and making sure the tank doesnt die is just as important ;)

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