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Thanksgiving Give-away! (WRA-US-Horde)
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lives_this_life wrote in wow_ladies
Hi all! (This is cross-posted from the realm forums, so please forgive if you see this multiple times.)

While I try to be thankful all year round, Thanksgiving is a time to specifically acknowledge how grateful we are for the blessings that we have. I am so incredibly fortunate to have so many wonderful people in my life and to have what I do. 

To that end, I'd like to go ahead and give back a little bit to a community that I adore. Sure, we all have our differences, sometimes more spectacularly (is that a word? WELP IT IS NOW! xD) than others, but at the end of the day, we're all people behind the toons. Unless some of you are robots. >.> 

In any case, I am going to be hosting a giveaway raffle thing. ALL you need to do to enter is simply reply to THIS THREAD and tell me what you are thankful for this year. :)

While you certainly could give me silly replies, i.e. "I'm happy for... uh. Stuff. And things. Monkeys, that's the ticket.", if you are going to enter, I merely ask that you please do so with the spirit that this raffle is intended with. I'm not asking much, just put a little thought into it, just take a moment to give thanks for what you have, even if it isn't very much. As we are an RP realm, IC replies are encouraged, but it is not required. 

On Wednesday, November 21st, I will draw the names of people out of a hat for the prizes and will give them out in Orgrimmar at 7 pm server time. 

Now for the good stuff! What am I giving away?
Pets! I have the following to give away:
Gregarious Grell
Eye of the Legion
Phoenix Hatchling
Fossilized Hatchling
Choice of Snarly, Muckbreath or Chuck
Two Sprite Darters - donated by Enveri of! (Thank you!)
Jade Owl pet - donated by Cailiao of Reckoning! (Thank you!)
Moonkin Hatchling - donated by Wòót of Reckoning! (Thank you!)
Dark Whelpling - donated by Automatica of Reckoning! (Thank you!)
Two Tiny Sporebats - donated by Frostfeathers of! (Thank you!)

I will draw ONE name to receive the winner's choice in color of any one of the new JC Panther mounts. (Not including Jeweled Onyx, sorry.) If the color that you want is not available on the Auction House that night, I will have it crafted for you and deliver it within a reasonable timeframe. 

One detailed greyscale shaded bust drawing of the winner's character of choice - donated by Enveri of!
Samples here! (Thank you!)
One waist-up digital sketch, character of the winner's choice - donated by Klimma of! (Thank you!)
Two busts or one full body line work - donated by Frostfeathers of! 
Samples: Herehere and here! (Thank you!)
One colored (with Illustrator), head and shoulders, icon - donated by Evera (Happy) of Reckoning! (Thank you!)
Samples: Here, here, here and here
One bust drawing - donated by Marius of The White Sigil! (Thank you!)
Samples here!

Happy Holidays, folks. I look forward to seeing your replies! :D
(Oh and should anyone want to contribute more prizes, please let me know! It can be in-game stuff or art or anything really. :))

EDIT: I HAVE BEEN REMINDED THAT PETS/MOUNTS ARE BOA NOW. Man, I feel like a goofus. So, if you are Alliance/other realm and you want to participate, YOU ARE WELCOME to do so. If you win, however, you will need to roll a toon Hordeside WRA and level to the appropriate level (5 for pets, I believe, and 20 for mounts, I think?) to learn your prizes!

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