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Guild Banks
baisuzhen wrote in wow_ladies
Hi Ladies and Gents,

Can I have your opinion the best few options to organise your guild banks?

Right now I have the tabs sorted by professions which contains lowbie mats. Problem is because we are not a big guild, mats get put in but HARDLY ever taken out! So it grows and grows and grows until I have to vendor them away.

Last tab is current expansion mats/boes etc. 

What is your guild's guild bank organised like? What is the best way to organise them by?

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I'm the GM/Bank manager for a medium sized guild, we have all 8 tabs. I have tab 1 as raid consumables - food, pots, elixirs, flasks. Tabs 2-5 for pandarian level crafting mats with tabs for cloth/leather/enchanting, ore/gems, herbs, fish/produce. Tab 6 we fill with glyphs, and tabs 7 and 8 are lower level mats/gear/quest items/novelty items/pets/pretty much anything anyone might have a use for gets thrown in there. I also have more people putting in than taking out, I let things sit in there for a couple months, if no one has taken something out and I need room, I take the items I have the most of ( like yesterday someone put in 10 stacks of runecloth) and leave one stack in and auctioned the rest, putting the profit back in the gbank. I don't know there is a best way to organize your gbank, it depends on the guild i think, the way that one guild organizes their bank may not be the best way another guild organizes theirs.

We organize ours by grouping professions together. I know we have mining and JC stuff together, and BS and Eng stuff goes together. Herbalism and alchemy items go together, LW and Tailoring. So on and so forth with other tabs for cooking and just general overflow from the other tabs (though overflow is rare since anything put into the gbank generally gets used within a couple of days).

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I can't really speak to how our bank is organized since I don't do much with it - aside from organizing the glyph section, because they need to be color coordinated, darnit! - but I will say that we are constantly reminding people that they should withdraw stuff to help them level professions, that's why it's there! Sometimes I literally end up yanking stuff out and mailing it to the relevant people because they feel bad for taking stuff out for some reason.

I generally keep my guilds bank tidy and I just did a huge purge because it was getting out of hand but we're a small 10 man raiding guild with not many unique accounts but a lot of characters thanks to near everyone being altaholics.

I keep the bank organised as follows,

Tab 1 - Kinda a junky tab, pets, mogging gear, patterns, DMF quest items including the things that start quests themselves and stuff like flour and moonberry juice, basically any odd thing that someone might find useful.
Tab 2 - Non MoP profession mats. This is the hardest tab to keep tidy but people are pretty good about what the put in here and tend to only put in stuff that's a little harder to come etc. This tab also has stuff for leveling alts like elixirs and lesser enchants.
Tab 3 - MoP profession mats.
Tab 4 - Current level cooking mats and non raid level food buffs.
Tab 5 - Raid enchants/item enhancements. This is where all our gems/enchants/leg enchants etc. get kept. So I don't have to play guess who uses what gems guildies put what gems the use for red/yellow/blue sockets in the notes for that tab so I know which ones to keep stocked.
Tab 6 - Raid consumables. Flasks/pots/food.
Tab 7 - Officer only withdrawal. Where we keep stuff like sha crystals, herbs for flasks/pots that we don't want disappearing to level someones alts professions and stuff like that.

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I usually keep BoEs, Scryer/Aldor/Hearts of Darkness/whatever else, and finished enchanting scrolls on the first tab. Finished profession stuff goes here, too. Second, third, and fourth tabs are raw mats for various professions, along with odds and ends for those professions. Fifth tab is RP stuff, shirts, neat-looking BoEs, neat stuff like readable books, that sort of thing. Sixth tab is cooking supplies and finished cooking stuff, because this expansion has been hell, trying to find room for cooking mats.

When any one tab gets too full, I take a lot of the stuff that's been there for a while and AH it. The money goes back into the guild bank.

Of course, this is a personal guild bank for now, so grain of salt. It might not work with a large guild.

Low level profession mats, though, have been going through the roof since the expansion. Some of them go for 100g per stack, leather especially, at least on WrA. So always check the AH before you vendor stuff, because it might be worth it to try to AH it and put the money back into the guild bank.

I leave that to two officers who like to do such things, but we have laid out ground rules. If we can buy it for cheap or farm it in 20 minutes or less, don't put it in the bank. Example: Linen, Wool, medium leather, copper ore.

If it's a lockbox, don't put it in the bank.

And we have to constantly remind people to use the bank, since even valuable stuff ends up just sitting in there.

Other than that, I'd have to ask those officers that do it...I simply couldn't do it do all the other things I do.

Basically, if it gets to be too much, get help.

OK, I gotta ask. I feel guilty about taking stuff out of my guild's bank because I never know why that stuff is there to begin with. Is the whole point of a guild bank for members to take stuff and use?

What is the general accepted etiquette?

I've been mining random Ghost Iron Ore deposits and putting them in my guild bank. Every time I go back to put more in the stuff I put in is usually gone. Makes me feel good to know I'm putting in stuff that's useful to people but yeah... just want to know what's ok to do, and not do?

Take stuff ! As everyone else seems to concur, our gbanks fill rather than empty. If you've got a million toons, you'll find all sorts of random stuff in the world, and know that one of your little ones needed that stuff at some point, and it was expensive or hard to find and not easy to farm. So take any and all things that you can use immediately, someone put them there because someone like you was likely to need them. And if you're levelling then also take stuff and stash it in your own bank so you remember you actually have when you need it in a few levels time. Obviously if you're taking stuff just to convert it into gold then you should probably either leave some mats for people to level with or make sure you're putting profits back into your guild, but otherwise it's making you a more useful toon both, likely for yourself and for your guild.

If your GM didn't want you taking stuff, they'd not give you any withdrawl slots on that tab. Even for stuff in my guild's lock tab, that's just to make sure stuff goes to a good home - not 'the best' home but anyone who can legitimately benefit. It's not good to see expensive items just sitting in the bank depreciating in value.

the hatter

I think ours is along standard lines. Since our new recruits are only allowed to acces the first tab until they prove themselves, we tend to keep levelling materials in there; low level cloths, ores, leather, cooking mats etc and it gets cleaned out fairly regularly. Second and third tab are specialist items (enchanting, higher level herbs) with later tabs for glyphs, gems and so on.

One thing I do suggest, once the guild is of the appropriate level for external access by members: put in a bunch of mats for Darkmoon Faire. Its a great help if you get there and realise you've left the flour behind, to be able to call on the build bank chest to get some out to use.

When I was a GM I would auction the excess. I'd give a day or two warning for people to pull out mats for their alts, and I'd send greens to enchanters if they wanted them. I had an alt that was just for guild auctions. It was actually very tedious.

I also used to mail back the useless stuff to the people who put it in, because I got sick of them using the guild bank to empty their bags. One guy refused to stop, so I gave him his own special rank that couldn't deposit. Hah! >:D

Ours isn't quite so bad, but I did create a 'deposits' tab so that a select few (officers and someone who volunteered to be a bank minion) can sort stuff nicely in the other tabs, which in turn helps all guildies find useful things. Before we needed a bit more room we also had a tab pretty much for bag emptying - they could try to claim stuff back from it later but stuff might also get vendored or sorted into another tab in the interim. It wasn't massively successful though, and a lot of wasted slots for only a little utility. I do wish access was a bit more fine-grained than per-98-slot tab.

the hatter

Yup, we had a deposits tab too. This was before Cata and mobile banking, so they were coming into town and emptying their bags into the guild bank rather than vendoring. It wasn't to make bag space while in a dungeon or whatever, which I can understand (though I'd still find it annoying). The excuses were sometimes entertaining, at least.

Them: Someone might find it useful!
Me: Tangled fishing line? Gelatinous ooze? Really? >_>
Them: It could be good for role play, you just don't have enough imagination.

I have 7 tabs in my g/bank.

We are a social/leveling guild with a 10 man raid team and an rbg team. (Different people on each team)

The first 2 tabs are kind of junky tabs where people can throw in stuff they don't need, low level mats, gear, etc. I pull out any runecloth and netherweave after about 2 weeks of it being in there, make bags, then put the bags back in the bank. Everything else, I leave alone, unless we are running out of space. Then I put a note up on the guild message of the day for people to grab what they want. Anything left, I either vendor or AH, with the proceeds being thrown back into the bank.

Everyone can view these two tabs. Ranks member and up can withdraw from them.

The next 3 tabs are for MOP items (mainly for raiding needs.) I have it seperated by raw materials, enchant and consumables.

Everyone Member and up can view these 3 tabs. All ranks raider and above can withdraw from these three tabs. In the tab note, it states that if someone not a raider needs something, they need to ask an officer.

The 6th tab is for MOP cooking mats. Since I am the one in my guild that aquires the mats for feasts and makes the feasts for the raids, I am the only one with acess to this tab. All ranks member and above can view it.

The 7th tab is my transmog gear that I'm collecting for my army of alts. (What?? A girl needs her walk in closet??) This tab is not viewable to anyone in the guild besides myself. When the other tabs start getting full/used on a regular basis, I will make this tab into something helpful to the guild.

The rules for taking stuff out of the bank: Everyone (member and higher, new recruits don't get bank privies) are welcome to take anything they want out of the first 2 tabs, provided it is for use with a toon that is IN our guild. For the raid tabs, people are welcome to take out what they will use in a guild sponsored raid or rbg. Taking items for selling on the AH is not allowed.

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Tab 1: Deposit only, pretty much a dump for shit people don't need while leveling. Mostly useless shit, but sometimes someone will go on a fishing binge and toss in a bunch of useful meat or herbs or something.
Tab 2: Raiding consumables - food, flasks, pots.
Tab 3: Item enhancements - enchants and gems, raw mats for these as well.

The other tabs tend to be sorted by our GM by function to keep himself organized. One was for herbs to make flasks to make the guild cauldrons, another was for the fish/meat to make feasts, etc.
The last tab was officer-only, I assumed it was for the BOEs or whatever else nonsense officers needed. We always auctioned BOEs if no raider needed them and then that money went into the gbank to be used to buy mats for consumables. Our GM recently quit so our guild isn't playing in MOP, so he had one of the officers divide the remaining gold in the gbank amongst the active members left in the guild tonight. Made me sad. :(

My guild is a small 10 man raiding guild that has 20 active members max. Gonna be honest, since my SO and I manage this guild together (he's GM, I'm co-GM) and we have so few active members we actually treat the vault like it's our own. I have three tabs pretty much full of my own things but when people need these items, I tend to pull them out because I don't mind sharing my things with my raiders.

One tab is full of glyphs.
One is full of gems.
One is full of potions and such.
One is full of old mats we had leftover from cata, apparently. I'm looking through this now as I type it out. XD

The other three tabs are full of my things basically. So, one is full of cooking/tailoring/general mats I gather farming. My second tab is filled to the brim with pandaland herbs that I use to make my raiders flasks if they can't get their own together. They just have to provide the lotuses, just wish they'd all submit a single lotus a week and flasks would be taken care of for every raid just about. The third tab is filled with enchanting mats that I obtained while leveling my main and running heroics. When people get upgrades in raid, I tend to be the one doing the enchants for them because I put all the enchanting mats in there, even ones I obtain during raids. Sometimes they add their own greens they obtain from heroics and the like which is a big help.

My guild bank is organized as follows:

Herbs and potions
Enchants and glyphs
Gems and hides
Cloth and plans
Ore and bars

And two officer tabs that contain newer mats and more expensive items that are best allocated at guild discretion.

My suggestion for particularly low mats that aren't going to get used would probably be to auction them for guild gold for repairs or to upgrade to newer or more useful mats.

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