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Guilds. Mini rant
sad t-rex
roguebait wrote in wow_ladies
So lately I've been having a hell of a time finding a guild on WRA. The guilds I have tried have turned out to be either dead/dying RP guilds, or 'rp' guilds that are actually raiding/pvp guilds that support RP.

Is it too much to ask for a friendly, social, small guild that actively RPs together, and doesn't mind off-colour humor? That's active in the evenings and overnights? Maybe runs some dungeons together, to help characters level? Nothing fancy, not demanding x number of play hours or suchlike? Oh, and, level twenty five. And free ponies

Okay, don't answer that. I know it's slightly unrealistic.

My point is, I've been running largely unguilded the last couple of weeks because of this. And holy Light am I getting guild invite spam up the wazoo*. It's gotten bad enough that I've finally put up a /dnd with "No I will not join your guild" because, seriously? I'm not going to join a random guild off a whisper of

"Dear %t. Would you like to join (Guild Name)(Guild Level)? [Optional] We have Heirloom pants! You would make a great recruit, so please accept! :)"

First of all. You don't know I'd make a great recruit! I could be a drama-inspiring guild princess. Maybe that's why I'm not guilded. Secondly? I don't know you. I probably don't even know your reputation, but I'm betting you're a raiding guild, and I don't raid. Strangely, this happens most often on my warlock. Is there some strange mystical warlock power that I'm not aware of that makes everybody want her? She's still 85!

So now I'm running around with /dnd up, trying to find walk-up RP, and everybody thinks I'm bloody busy instead. AND I STILL GET WHISPERS! RAH!

But seriously, what is this driving force that is inspiring these random guild invites from complete strangers? I don't recall it being this bad when I first came to the server and was looking for a home.

*Yes, I've turned on the thing that makes it so that you don't get random ginvites. I still get the whispers, though.

ETA: I'm such a dork. I'm Horde. I shoulda said.

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