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Finally open for Art Commissions again!
iidx_girl wrote in wow_ladies
I just finished a huge commission, and now I'm back. (: I'll be taking 2 slots per month of simple requests (a "simple request" would be a full-body, full-colored character with simple background).  Depending on what you want, you may take up one slot, both slots, or 8 slots (last commission was TOO awesomely huge).  Each slot will have about a 2 week turnaround.  I have never missed a deadline, and I don't intend to ever start to do so.

These do not have to be WoW-specific commissions.  They can be anything!

Some examples:


To see more samples and pricing, please (Follow the fake cut...).

Thanks and happy WoWing!

- Veratrine, Mal'Ganis

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